Why People Wear Rings

wearing rings palmistry meaning

In palmistry, rings are regarded as powerful devices that are used to offer magnification to the hand’s original powers.

If you manipulate the symbols of the hand, then you can manipulate real life realities. The wearing of rings sends a subconscious signal to manipulate the inclined world.

There are people who wear rings just to offer themselves the unique layer of emotional security.

Wearing a ring on the index finger means the enhancement of a person’s ambition, and wearing the ring on the middle finger is a symbol of one’s materialism.

Of course most people wear rings on their ring fingers but there are several others who wear them on different fingers and these have a range of meanings.

To wear a ring on the thumb this can suggest creative and emotional frustration. If one wears a ring on the middle finger, this will be indicative of their problems in expressing themselves sexually.

If the hand has only one ring then the person is happy and content and is generally a positive omen if the wearer has a gold ring on two fingers this can be negative and implies that the wearer will find difficulty communicating with others in the future.

A ring in relation to getting married suggests love and commitment. Rings in ancient times use to be related to one's wealth. In this day and age the ring is simply a symbol of decoration on one's hand.

By Florance Saul
Dec 14, 2012