The Thumbs

The thumbs palmistry meanings

The thumb is an important part of the hand because it is commonly associated with not only our physical health but also with our spiritual and past lives.

There are primarily two different kinds of thumbs, the ‘supple jointed,’ describing an exceptionally flexible kind of thumb and the firm, stiff thumb. The ‘supple jointed’ thumb describes a person who is capable of being flexible in random situations even if there is a fear of how things will end up in the end. This person has a broad mind and thinks outside of the box in an unconventional way. They are the individuals who will attempt to help others whenever they can because they have a generous heart and spirit. Known for their humanitarian nature they also pride themselves in being almost painfully honest at points. They are highly responsive and others tend to see them as a person they can depend on. They are cared for deeply.

For people who are successful in business their thumb is straight, but normally also slightly inclined backward. The endpoint of the thumb needs are clear, and straight, for success in business this person will require a fully developed mercury mount. For highly successful business people, their mercury mount is normally clear without any defects. If the thumb is set quite low it belongs to a bearer who likes to make many friends, positively if the thumb is thick, then the subject will have high rate of success and prosperity in their field of specialization. They will make highly successful business-person who makes fast amounts of profit, which will result in a prospective lifestyle. If the finger length exceeds that of the palm, the subject will be prosperous in all aspects of a business. They will additionally be highly progressive individuals in society, who may easily attain fame. Such hand types are referred to as business hands.

A thick thumb can sometimes demonstrate a positive attitude to life. It can also suggest that this person will work hard for a living. If the thumb has a slightly rounded curve near the nail then this suggests that the person will be lucky in love.

The meaning of each thumb on the picture above are as follows:

a) Clubbed thumb, indicates an ungovernable temper.

b) A firm jointed thumb shows a strong will and determination.

c) A supple jointed thumb, indicating a pliant character.

The thumb - will / logic

The thumb is among the most used aspects in human bodies. It is used in almost all types of physical work that individuals may engage in; the brain’s development has been closely linked to the thumb. However, when it comes to palmistry, the thumb has been closely linked to the subject’s will.

By Florance Saul
Oct 30, 2012

stiff thumb meaning palm reading

Stiff Thumb and the meaning

The stiff or firm thumb depicts a somewhat resistant personality, they are the people who would rather stay very comfortable in the stable environment they have created for themselves and they tend to shrink under pressure. People with stiff thumbs tend the opposite of that. A strong thumb suggests that the person has determination, strength and is tough in the face of adversity. The thumb contains three phalanges and the associated mount is the mount of Venus. In essence, the thumb is associated with the subject's desires in life. Contained in the thumb is also the logic and the ability to carry out their desires.

Good thumb meaning palm reading

The good thumb

The thumb should be long enough to stretch to nearly mid-way past the index finger’s (Jupiter fingers) first join. It should be firm and nice looking, I addition, it should bear a high rate of flexibility when one spreads out their hand, it should be some distance form the other fingers without much strain. The thumb should be slightly thin in the middle part. In such case, the person will be said to have balanced will, love, and logical mind.

angle of generosity palm reading

Angle of generosity

This is the angle that will be formed in between the index finger and thumb. If the thumb is stiff and sticks to the palm, then the individual is more cautious with spending their money. Thus, they may be seen as being a miser. This person will resist spending money in life. If the thumb is naturally hidden within an individual’s palm, it indicates fear and anxiety in the person. Simply, the more flexible, the more generous their character. If the thumb is rigid, the person is rigid as well. One’s thumb plays a big role in terms of their willingness and ability to change, without offering too much resistance.

The 4 phalanges on the thumb in palmistry

When the first phalange is long and strong it shows energetic will and confidence. The second phalange should be a little longer than the first, and rather thick, as the combination shows good judgement and will. When the first and second are of the same length, and the thumb (as a whole) is relatively longer than the fingers, it shows a strong and sensible character. For the third phalange, see Mount of Venus.

The human thumb has been divided into three main sections, each of the sections has been allocated a different role.

1. The topmost phalange is representative of will.
2. The middle phalange represents logic.
3. The lower or bottom section is representative of love.

thumb top phalange palm reading

Top Phalange

When the top part of the thumb is flat and thin, it is clear indication of unwillingness to take up responsibility. If this section is quite firm and less developed, then the individual will be materialistic and egocentric.

middle phalange thumb palm reading

Middle Phalange

If the middle section is well developed, it means the individual has the tendency to force others do what they want. However, if this is thin, the person will have a lack of power to make choice in delicate circumstances, they will be very choosy as well. If the thumb is slightly thin, the person will be fairly logical.

bottom phalange thumb palm reading

Bottom Phalange

In the instance, the lower part of the thumb is overdeveloped in comparison with the size of the whole thumb; the person will always go against logic and will make personal decision with the heart. The problem is more serious when the lower part is smaller than the other sections.

The height of the thumb is important to the rest of the fingers. Benham (a famous palmist writer) stated that a murders thumb is often short, clubbed and does not have a middle phalanx.

long thumbs palm reading

Long thumbs

People with long thumbs are often self willed, fully dependent on their self's and have the desire to take control of other people. They consider knowledge and intelligence of being more valuable in their lives. Generally they are labelled as intellectuals in society. Such individuals have a high interest and specialization in engineering, and mathematics.

short thumb palm reading

Short Thumb

Individuals with short thumbs cannot make decisions on their own but are rather dependent on other people to make the decisions. Their lives prominently feature emotions rather than intelligence. They have an interest in three disciplines namely; music, poetry, and painting.

hard thumb palm reading

Hard Thumb

An individual with a hard thumb is quite alert and obstinate. The main characteristic of such a person is the ability to keep anything they can close to their hearts! They do lack emotions and their lives are ruled by the power of intelligence.

flexible and supple thumb palm reading

Flexible and Supple Thumb

To have a flexible thump means these people are materialistic. They have the ability to acquire vast amounts of wealth and are flexible enough to adapt to a large number of circumstances. This enables them to survive well in most environments.

obtuse angled thumb palm reading

Obtuse-angled thumb

Thumbs that form obtuse angles with the index finger are normally perfectly formed, they can be long or thin. Many refer to themselves as being gentle. Such individuals are soft and friendly. Most musicians and artists fall into this category.

right angled thumb palm reading

Right-angled thumb

If the thumbs makes a right angle to the index finger this means the bearer will be strong, elegant, and their physical appearance is pillar-like. The character believes in working hard all of the time. They may have short tempers. They are strict with promises made and will always stick to their promises. On the other hand, when offended, these people have a high desire for revenge. They can never be stable friends, nor can they be worst enemies.

acute angled thumb palm reading

Acute- Angled Thumb

This is the category for those thumbs that make an acute angle with the index finger. They have a medium length but which has clumsy look. Many of the palmists have classified them under evil thumbs. The individuals will be in trouble all through their lifetime; they are often lazy and will never be is they will never be hard working at any point in their lives. They will never finish any assigned task. Perhaps, the worst part with them is their spend drift nature. They are not sensitive to religious matters and will even end up in the worship of ghosts, and other similar creatures. They never stay faithful, and always keep another lover.

Murderer’s thumb

As mentioned earlier on, in the past, palmists considered people with clubbed hand murderers. This was due to the fact the thumb was considered from someone who was hot-tempered. Such a thumb has a short fist and is broad. Obviously, as time has gone on this has been proved to be untrue.