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Saturn Finger

Saturn finger meaning of palmistry

Palmists call the middle finger the finger of Saturn.

The Saturn finger provides a clue on the individual’s responsibility and discipline in life.

According to Indian palmistry this finger is called “Madhyama”. The mount of Saturn is found at the base of the finger. In a normal person, the middle finger will be longer that index finger and Apollo finger, but the extra length should be less that quarter inch.

If the length goes beyond that, the individual will experience many problems in their life; they will struggle to achieve their targets or find it difficult to fulfill their desires. Not even their earnest effort will ever be achieved. 

Additionally, if the Saturn finger exceeds the other two fingers by more than a quarter of an inch, then this person will have the ability to make wise decisions in all aspects of their lives. They will achieve their goals and even contribute positively towards any group activities of undertaking, making them beneficial in society. In some rare cases, the middle finger will exceed the index finger by half an inch or more. This leads to a conclusion that the person will meet their death through murder.

Apart from the above basic conclusions on the finger of Saturn, there are many conclusions that can be drawn from the length of the finger. If the middle finger is very long, then the person's health may suffer. If the third phalanx on the Saturn finger is the longest this means that the person will be happiest later in life. If the finger of Saturn is long, knotty, and fluffy this means that they will achieve a reputation to be the best at what they can.

For the second phalanges to be long means this person maybe selfish and can live life filled with naivety. If the finger is long and has a squared tip, the individual leads a sober lifestyle, and has the ability to carry out tasks responsibly. The individuals are normally good in career related to the armed forces -- as they are diligent most of the time. If the finger is long and bears a flat top the subject is excellent in arts and will make it to the top of their field. They will gain wealth form the arts.

If the first phalange of the finger Saturn is relatively short, the individual will be prone to committing suicide, if we are to believe the ancient palmists of 300 years ago! If the second portion of the finger is much shorter then the first one, the person will excel in all business ventures and deals they will make.

They will gain is especially big if they deal in a machinery business. If the third phalange is short, the person will be miserable in the community, they will struggle with artistic abilities. They may also be defamed and slandered. If the tip of middle finger leans towards the index finger, the person will have self confidence. If the finger leans towards the Apollo finger, the subject has a high dependence on their destiny and have high interest in arts and music.

Position of the Saturn finger

If the subject's fingers are evenly seperated they will have a high chance of succeeding in most undertakings. The middle finger is an exception since, due to its position, tends to always be longer than the other fingers. The way to uncover the subject's personality is to look at the degree in which the Saturn finger leans towards the rest of the fingers. If the finger leans to the side of the hand, the subject will be saddened by superstitions in their lives. However, if the finger leans towards the ring finger, the individual will have a trouble free life.

There are four major types of fingertips and each bears different meanings.

  • A conical fingertip: indicates the subject has an active imagination and reasoning.
  • Square finger tips: the subject has excellent reasoning skills, and this is what rules them.
  • Spatula fingertips: they carry out execution without conception. Also, if the middle finger is pointed, the individual has deep fear of the world of supernatural powers.
  • If they have an oval finger: they will be prudent. The individual will be religious. 

Saturn and Jupiter finger same length

Apollo finger and Jupiter finger are the same length

This combination means that this person will have brilliance in their life. They will provide great results in life and everyone will want to understand them. There is a focus on achieving a great reputation, they will be focused on earning money.

Saturn finger longer

The ring finger is longer than the Saturn finger

There are many people that have this finger characteristic, that the Apollo finger is longer than the Saturn finger. This is normally because the third phalanx is longer. This means the person will choose decisions from the heart. They have a good, clear head and self control. A strong Saturn finger that is straight will make these characteristics more prominent. They will have cheerful moods. Fortunately, these people will be relaxed in the relationships connected to their heart. There life is fun and the enjoy nothing more than a great conversation with the one the love.



Saturn finger is longer than any other finger

Saturn Finger is longer than the other fingers

This trait is normal in most people. People need to resist the temptation to be too critical of others. While it is important to realise that these people are always seeking endless ways to better themselves, they thrive best in a competitive environment. As most people in the world has a Saturn finger that is longer than the others, this means that they will always try to understand the power of their thoughts.

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