The Psychic Triangle

The Psychic Triangle

Triangles occur all over our hands and they all mean something.

The psychic triangle is located under the ring finger. You will need to look at the palm carefully, this may be, under the light of the sun, or using a strong magnifying glass, this will enable the possibility of finding highly detailed symbols - such as the psychic triangle.

Additionally, other symbols can be located in this position to denote the mystical power of the subjects. To locate a pyramid shape on your hand means the subject's past lives have encountered the ancient Egyptians who assisted the subject in talent and mysterious ways.

To locate a little triangle then this means there are various souls that you will encounter. You will have to work hard metaphysically to achieve success. It may help in participating in collective meditations, healing by earth, or even attending a communal healing centre.

By Florance Saul
Oct 30, 2012

T near psychic triangle palm reading

A "T" Shape Near The Psychic Triangle

In some cases, a T shaped pattern will appear instead of a psychic triangle. This is a sign that the subject holds telepathic abilities. To see a triangle upside down in this area means that the subject is psychic. They have a sense of what is going to happen in life.

cross near psychic triangle palm reading

A Cross By The Psychic Triangle

To have a cross near the psychic triangle under the ring finger then this suggests there were plans to martyrdom the subject in previous life's. This also shows that the subject is rather mystical. In some times this has been known as the psychic cross of witches. This symbol shows that the subject escaped getting burnt or even drowned because of witchcraft activities. The subject will have excellent knowledge of the roots and other herbal treatments to help people in life. To have more than one cross means the person can predict future events. Individuals with crosses are most likely to not know their own psychic power.

star near psychic triangle palm reading

Star Near The Triangle

If you see a star with an upward pointing right side, this means the subject has been faithfully practicing white. If pointed downwards, this means they have been dwelling in black magic.

wavy lines near psychic triangle palm reading

Wavy Lines

If the area is full of wavy lines, then the subject has excellent abilities to heal and move energies.

strange symbol near psychic triangle palm reading

Strange Signs

If below the psychic triangle a delta shape appears then this means they are in a holy team. A butterfly and flower shape is indicative of the collaboration with the spiritual kingdom.