Mounts on hand palmistry

Mounts in Palmistry represents the parts of the palm of the hands which are meaty, or fleshy areas which stand up a little bit like wee mountains on the hands.

The theory is that the more or highly pronounced a mount is on the hand, the more the subject requesting the reading is affected by these energies. Each mount is also ruled by a planet. 

mounts on hand palmistry

By Florance Saul
Dec 17, 2012

Venus mount palmistry

The Venus Mount

The Venus Mount is the fleshy area found below the thumb. The higher this mount is raised on the palm of the hand, the more capacity for love there will be. If all areas of the hand have a level of stubbiness then this person may be a little bit over the top in arenas revolving around self-gratification. In this particular area of the hand, those with a pronounced Venus Mount tend to be the lovers of all things in nature, food, drink and good times. If a person has a flat Mount of Venus then they may tend to function more on a spiritual or intellectual lover and are less controlled by the emotions.

Mount luna palmistry

The Lunar Mount

The mount located within the proximity of the moon on the hand is often associated with romance, travel and the imagination. If this mount is particularly pronounced or developed then this person has a strong ability to connect emotionally to others, to relate to their suffering and to provide compassion when life is challenging. If the mount is overly developed, this can mean that the person might have an overly emotional approach to the world which can sometimes be hard for them to hone in on or calm down. In some religious traditions, a full moon mount is associated with the energies of the Moon Goddess and a person with a larger moon section on their hand is blessed in many ways throughout their life.

Jupiter mount palmistry

The Jupiter Mount

When the Mount of Jupiter is developed or highly pronounced on the hand there is a need to be in control or on top of one’s own personal life as much as humanly possible. If unpronounced, life gets too chaotic and frustrating far too often for you and it is difficult to get out of it for yourself.

Saturn mount palmistry

The Saturn Mount

If the Mount of Saturn is overly pronounced on the hand, this represents a person with a quiet and relaxed personality. When Saturn is nonexistent, this is a personality who tends to take life too seriously.

Mount of Mercury palmistry

The Mercury Mount

When the mount of Mercury is well developed, the person is an eloquent and fully comfortable and comforting kind of person who has a very strong mental strength with lots of creative ideas. They are full of abundance.

Three mounts of Mars

The Three Mounts of Mars

These are located straight across the palm of the hand in three mounts. If a mount is near the thumb it is the most developed which causes an increase in energies. The mount at the center of the hand makes the person feel energized and their inner energies allow them to see through adversity. If this area is soft however, this energy can be somewhat lacking. When the mount on the outer edge of the hand is puffed up or tall, it can sometimes be associated with a certain level of mental aggression or frustration.