Mount of Luna


The Mount of Luna symbolizes creativity, intuition and imagination.

This mount is situated near the percussion and just across the palm right from the mount of Venus. In the science of palmistry the lunar mount is responsible for the part of the brain which stands for creativity and the dark subconscious mind. The individual emotions are explored on this lunar mount. The lunar mount should be firm when you touch it. The apex should be clear, and in the middle of the mount. If the apex is well developed, then the person is more likely to be imaginative and have an interest in creativity.

Those with a predominant mount of Luna may express some qualities which are feminine. However, if the mount of Lunar is well developed it shows that a person has a higher level of imagination for some activities like poetry, literature, travel and nature. An overdeveloped mount of Luna shows that the subject has an excessive level of imagination. It is very crucial to review the head line to determine if the subject can handle their excessive level of imagination. An underdeveloped Luna mount is indication that the subject is sensual in nature. All experiences are processed from the point of view where feelings are the determining factor.

The normal size of Luna mount means the subject will have average creativity. This indicates that there is a balance between reality and imagination. A Luna mount which is enlarged towards the area of the wrist means subject will have plenty of intuitive power and will have a capacity to look beyond the practical realities of life. This is a condition whereby, they will know things before they happen. To have a strong lunar mount means the subject's common characteristic is to protect their loved ones.

Examples of people with a considerable Luna mount are writers, speakers and painters. These are people who love sharing what they know with the rest of mankind. On the other hand they become terrible artists, composers or writers. If the Luna mount is accompanied with a bigger Venus mount then the subject should prepare for fame and popularity.  The moon is superior to the tides which mean that if the subject has a large Luna mount, they are great water lovers. Any Luna mounts which are poorly developed and even beyond notice the subjects like staying at home. They like leading a solitary life. If they go for an holiday, then they like to keep themselves to themselves.

A number of lines on the Luna mount show that the subject may travel. If there are cross lines or horizontal lines then this means that the person is likely to go on a long journey, perhaps a cruise. A line that connects from the life line to the moon mount is a travel line.

By Florance Saul
Dec 16, 2012

whorl on mount luna palmistry

Whorl on the Luna mount

A whorl is a great pattern if found on the mount of Luna. This mount can also show psychic skills.  A composite pattern can also be seen on this mount, this is when two clear loops join together to create an "S" pattern.

cross on mount luna

Cross on the Luna mount

A cross on the mount of Luna might mean that the person will struggle with creative thinking.

circle or lines on mount luna

Circle or lines going across the mount

The presence of a circle or small lines going across the palm means that the subject will have high intuition. This person also has strong creative talents.

island on mount luna

Island on mount of Luna

The subject may find a problem with his or her creativity in life. This may affect his or her career in the long term.

fish on mount Luna palmistry

Fish on the mount of Luna

A fish is a lucky symbol and for this to be found on the mount of Luna means that the subject will have success in a creative career.

net on mount luna palmistry

Net on the mount of Luna

A net on the lunar mount means that the subject will always try to change things in life. They may also live in different countries if the net falls over a travel line.

via lascivia palmistry

The Via Lascivia

This is a line which cuts across the Luna mount. Initially it was taken to be responsible for heralding nature and the individual with this line will lack sexual self-discipline. Despite such earlier beliefs, now many people agree that it is an indicator for sensitivity to certain chemicals or foods. It is even now known as the line of allergy.

Travel line

A travel line can also appear in this position and it is important to be able to show a distinction between the two. The travel line normally starts at the side of the palm. The travel line denotes that the subject will travel and possibly live in foreign countries.