Marriage Line

Marriage line in palmistry

Relationship lines are known as the line of marriage or affection lines.

The lines are normally present below the little finger on the mount of mercury. Most people have two marriage lines parallel to each other. It does not always mean that you will have two marriages and can mean one relationship will be enough in your life. 

Ancient palmistry literature provides an overview of what this line means but most palmists in the 1920s read for the elite of society, so this should be taken into account when reading your lines. Firstly, the deeper the line the better the relationships the person is likely to have in life, better communication, and happiness.

If the marriage line is broken, then it can mean divorce, separated or death of a loved one. When there are a large number of lines on the palm then there will be a case where one spouse leads the other on a mission to commit an evil act.

Lastly, if there are broken fragments that are overlaying, then it is a clear indicator that the couple will be separated before eventually reuniting once more.

Whenever the marriage line is three quarters the size of the heart line, then the owner of such a line will marry between 30 to 35 years. On the other hand, a marriage line that is closer to quite near the heart line means they may never marry. Some people have several marriage lines but that does not mean that they will get married to many people.

The lines should not be too wide or deep since that is a sign of stress in the marriage and reducing love. The availability of small signs on the love line is a sign that the person will be involved in extra-marital affairs. The lines which are longer are the only ones that are related to marriage.

Ancient palmistry predictions from the 1920's for the marriage line

  • If the line slopes towards the heart line it means that your spouse will die suddenly.
  • A long lasting relationship is denoted by a long marriage line.
  • Double marriage line means two main loves in life.
  • A slope towards the Heart line which is gradual indicates that a partner will die after a long illness.
  • If the marriage lines curving to the ring finger then there is a likelihood that such a person will lead a single life and end up marrying at the old age.
  • If the heart line is near to the marriage line then that is an indicator of the marriage will take place early in life.
  • If the marriage line is very close to the area between the heart line and the 4th finger, then marriage will occur late in life.

By Flo Saul
Oct 30, 2012

many marriage lines meaning palmistry

More than one line

Existence of more than one line is an indication that the subject will experience more than one marriage or relationship. More than one line curling upwards suggest & the subject will try to learn his or herb and purpose in life. These people don't quit any enterprise or undertaking. They like collecting and hoarding items.

breaks in the marriage line meaning palmistry

Breaks in the marriage line

Any breaks in this line means this person will face a separation which will be followed by a happy re-union.

straight long marriage line palm reading

Straight and long line

A long and straight line shows that the subject's marriage life will be filled with happiness.

marriage line curves upwards palm reading

Line curves upwards

If the line turns upwards then this means that the crossing leads to the part of the hand between the base of the fourth finger and the heart line. Marriage is an important factor in most people's life. In that case, many people would want to know what the future holds for their married life.

curve downwards marriage line palm reading

Marriage line bends downwards

A line which bends downwards means that the subject will outlive their spouse. If there are lines which meet the marriage line but do not cut across it, then that is a true sign of having children in married life.

cross in marriage line palm reading


It is a common occurrence to have a marriage line which crosses the heart line in a horizontal manner. This means that the subject has been with the same soul mate through many lifetimes.

Children In The Marriage Line

Children Lines

Lines that extend down the mount of mercury, crossing the marriage line represent children. Faint lines may represent abortions or possible miscarriages. If they are crossing the marriage line these lines are associated with a male child. To cross the marriage line diagonal then they denote a female child. If the lines are faint the subject will have the possibility of having more children. 

circle on marriage line palm reading

A circle on the marriage line

When a marriage line has a circle, this can represent obstacles in the way of other people. There is a focus on trying to leave a lasting impression on others when the circle appears. This also means that from a rather young age the subject may have been controlled by a lover.

fork in marriage line palm reading

A fork on the marriage line

This can represent that the break up of a marriage is possible. Marriage lines that end in a fork, like the picture can be an indication that the individual may have many problems with their children.

vertical lines on marriage line palm reading

Vertical Lines on the Mercury Mount

If there are 2-6 lines on the mercury mount these are not child lines. These lines are associated with people who have a talent for medicine. These lines appear on the hands of carers of the sick, such as doctors or nurses. It is known as a "Medical Stigmata."