Loop on finger prints palmistry

If the centre of a finger loop is pointed towards the thumb then it is known as a radial loop, when this points to Saturn it is Ulnar.

The loop consists of many ridges which include a tri-radius.

There are two types of loops: a radial loop and also a ulnar loop. The Ulnar loop is the most common.

The loop is the most typical finger print found on the hand. There is suppose to be nine loops on every human palm. The palm loops have a tendency of resembling lassos.

These are not full circles; instead they are half circles which have open ends. 

These loops are not common on the palms of every person. If you have loops, be assured that you will know how your body really works.

By Florance Saul
Dec 15, 2012

Loop of seriousness palm reading palmistry

The Loop of Seriousness

This loop is more common than any other loop found on the hand. The loop appears on at least one in five hands. It is located between the Apollo and Saturn fingers.  To have this loop means that the subject likes a mission in life. They like to know the future. If the loop of seriousness is located close to the Saturn mount then it is indicator that the subject has a psychological weaknesses.

Rajah loop meaning palm reading

The Rajah Loop

This is a positive pattern which is quite unusual. The loop is located between the Saturn and Jupiter finger. This loop is used to show the influence of how others effect the subject, leading and even motivating other people.

The Rajah loop is also known as the loop of charisma. This loop can easily be located in the people who are good at rallying people around them. This can be activists, religious leaders and politicians. The other group of people is those who are leading in their career fields. The Rajah loop means that the subject has a good influence on other people.

Palmistry Loop Of Humor

The Loop of Humour

The loop of humor is located between the Mercury and Apollo fingers. The loop means that the subject likes the good things in life. These people can do boring work even if the remuneration is low. Their major aim is to be happy in life. These people like to take life with a pinch of salt. In some instances, one can have both the loop of seriousness and the loop of humor. If that is the case for the subject, then it is a pointer that the subject does not take life seriously and is capable of achieving many goals in life. On top of that, it means that they have a clear path towards success. There life is likely to be filled with happiness.

Music loop palm reading Palmistry

The Music Loop

The music loop is located beneath the Venus mount. This loop means that the subject may like or work in music. Alternatively, the Music Loop maybe an indication or a dedication to a career or hobby. The loop is made more feasible by the presence of the Bee. This is a smaller mark which is at home at the very centre of Venus mount. The bee now shows that the individual has a specific love for music played on instruments with strings. The people who are most likely to have the Bee are those who play a viola or bass guitar in a band.

environmental response loop meaning palm reading

The Environmental Response Loop

This loop normally originates from the thumb especially near the base of the finger. The subject can at times have a high affinity for saving the world. They are usually very sensitive to the movements and the magnetic shielding of planet earth, but they are not aware of this. This will come to manifest many riches in various ways, that is a point of little importance to other people. The other feature of these individuals is having fear that a given venue is not right for some intended purpose such as a wedding or rally. The people will have the power to locate things that are placed somewhere minus seeing them physically, for instance, they might have the ability to locate a source of underground water during the placement of wells. Funny enough, these individuals will have to place their feet on the ground when recharging their batteries.

As usual, it is essential to look at a wide variety of hands so that you can get familiar with such types of markings.

Memory Loop Palmistry

The Memory Loop

This is a common loop. It is found on the outer side of the palm on the area close to the percussion. The function of this loop is to help you remember with clarity, that is past events. People with this loop can remember with great accuracy a large number of figures and even dates of important events. If the Memory Loop is found on the Luna mount, it means you have a capacity to read other people’s minds in an accurate manner.

Nature loop meaning palm reading

The Nature Loop

The Nature Loop is located on what is called the percussion of the hand. Look for it below the heart line or alternatively you can get it close to the mount of Luna. The owners of this loop love nature and out doors in general. That is why the Nature Loop is very common among veterinarians and gardeners.

vanity loop meaning palm reading

The Vanity Loop

This is a loop which is located on the Apollo finger. Its function is to show that the individual has a great sense of self-consciousness. People with this loop on their palms are in most of the time thinking more about what other people will say about them. They also listen to other people’s criticism about them. This makes them to carefully evaluate their looks.

empathy loops meaning palm reading

Empathy Loops

This loop is rare to be seen on people’s hands. The Empathy loop is located close to the wrist rascettes right at the bottom of the hand. The person who has this loop is filled with plenty of kindness with a great interest on other people.

Loop of Courage and Empathy

To have both a courage loop and an empathy loop is considered lucky. The subject needs to understand what is important in life.

courage loop meaning palm reading

Courage Loop

The courage loop is found on the thumb and it looks like a web. When a person has this loop, it means that the subject has a great capacity for valour and bravery. This can be both mental and physical. These people place a lot of emphasis on enjoyment in life. They even at times try to introduce leisure activities into their profession in order to enjoy life.

loop of industry palm reading

Loop of Industry

This is the loop which is found between the middle and the ring finger. These people enjoy in working very hard. They are what are termed as workaholics. They can do some extra work during spare time. They pursue their professional goals 24/7.