Line of Apollo

Line of success palmistry

The line of Apollo is known as the Line of success or the sunline.

Ancient palmists believed this line provided an idea of future success and predictions - in relation to the subject's life. The perfect line commences at the wrist and goes straight to the ring finger. To have such a flawless line means that the subject is likely to be given much love and attention in their childhood. Bearer's of such a line is normally lucky in relation to their careers. Generally, these people outshine others. They are the child that is top in the class or that they have the ability to solve difficult problems without much help. The subject will be someone that is popular and people enjoy spending time with.

If the line is absent then it does not affect the reading in any way. The location of this line is that it should run straight down the hand from the Apollo finger. This line is normally associated with happiness and success in life. If the line is well formed it can provide insight into what the subject is likely to accomplish.

If the line is well formed then it can be responsible for giving a clue to the subject's success in business. If the Line of Apollo is without breaks, then the subject will attain full recognition as well as satisfaction for their work. However, a broken line is a clear indication of possible problems that will challenge the subject. It is further held that, if one has a line of success that ends at the ring finger, they will most likely become rather famous. If the line is deep and well-formed then this is a great sign of luck in life, equally starting at the wrist also provides an indication that the subject will have success.

Where the line of success begins

  • If the line of success begins from the Lifeline then this shows that the subject will work hard to obtain riches, but they will achieve.
  • To start at the mount of Venus indicates that family will help in the subject's riches. The family will become more prominent in the subject's life as he or she becomes older.
  • If the line of success starts on the Mars mount means that success will come from struggling.
  • To start at the headline means that intellectual development will result in success for the subject.
  • To begin from the mercury line (health line) means that at some age the subject will find communication will help contribute to his or her success.

By Florance Saul
Oct 30, 2012