Life Line

life line meaning in palmistry

The Life Line starts at the edge of the hand between where the thumb and forefinger come together and then moves downward in an arc pattern around the thumb area.

Despite what some people say, this line does not actually indicate the technical length of life but instead stands for the quality of life a person may achieve throughout their years. This line describes the willingness to bend and change with life or the stubbornness against such an idea, it is known for enthusiasm or lackluster around the physical body and health throughout a person’s life. This tells the tale of a person’s life, where their strength and fortune lie as well as what problems one must push through in order to live effectively. As time moves forward, the lines might become frayed or faded, simply indicating the years of life the person has put behind them.

The depth of the Life line will show what kind of life a person has led. If the life line is narrow or shallow, the person is less likely to attempt to impact the world in any great way. They are not normally overly influenced by their environment and they do not affect their environment. This can also mean that they are relatively random, allowing even a soft breeze to change their direction and focus. If the life line is deep and broad, this person can handle any flaws or limitations. This is known as a strong sense of character symbolizing an exceptional inner strength; a person of dynamic imagination and vibrancy who leaves a lasting impression on others. 

By Florance Saul
Dec 16, 2012

Lack of life line

Absence of life line

People that lack a life line will struggle with physical strength in life. They experience high rates of nervousness, and as a result, they look for ways of increasing strength. Resting for many hours as well as avoiding nervous simulations will help increase their stamina. According to ancient palm reading scripts, people without a Life line find it difficult to live life to the full.  Positively, having a large thumb and a clear, deep head line balances out a lack of Life line.

In some instances the palm reader will substitute the Life line with the Saturn line if this runs near the Venus Mount. The length of the life line does differ from one person to other, even if it appears absent, a careful analysis of the entire hand will indicate the remnant of the line, which shows proof of its existence. Even a faint line can be used for interpretation.

Life line origin

Origin of life line

The Life line marks the start of life and is found to start between the mount Jupiter (Below the first finger on your hand) and the thumb. The beginning of the life line is important. This shows the course of the start of a person's life. Special consideration should be made where this line starts.  If the individual's line starts on the mount of Jupiter this means the bearer will lead an ambitious life, full of desires for fame, wealth and success; the individual will be highly interested in getting in touch with people of high social status. The Jupiterian influences will be strong in the person's life.

If the line starts half way between the mount of Jupiter and the thumb then this demonstrates that the person is balanced in life. This type of person will take up any challenge that life can throw their way since the excitement and uncertainty of taxing situations offer them a feeling of belonging. When they try to satisfy their hunger for adventure and stimulation, their never-ending energy and vital spark provide them with the energy and potential to create unexpected things. If, however, they finish up in an atmosphere where they don't need to maintain a fight mode, they are able to permeate despondency, even depression.

For the life line to originate from the Saturn mount (below the middle finger) the individual will strive to excel in their career. The Saturn mount is considered good luck. The bearer of a life line near this mount will guarantee good luck in life.

Life line course

The course of the lifeline

In the past, palmists predicted one's happiness in life based on the course of the Life line. The physical appearance of the Life line does vary from person to person.

If the life line sweeps all over the subject’s palm it means the bearer is attractive, sympathetic, ardent, generous. They are normally filled with lust and warmth. The individual’s attractiveness will mean they will marry young. The curve of the life line

The way that the Life line curves is important because it describes the grace with which a person deals with problems as well as sudden changes or issues in emotional or philosophical ways. Individuals with the graceful curve in their Life line are able to appreciate life. They like to lead a comfortable existence. These are the ‘old souls’ who exist who just seem to handle whatever life throws at them with little to no dramatic issues. When a life line looks like a bunch of straight lines there is a sign of a potentially erratic nature. Life lines which hug the thumb are symbolic of individuals who stay close to home, while life lines which curve away from the thumb are adventurer types. Some individuals have what is known as a sister life line, which is a line that curves very closely to the original life line. This means that this person has an ability of gathering help from others with little to no effort. Others are always eager to help, much like a sister in theory would. 

  • An "s" shape curve: for the Life line to curve in an "s" shape means the probability of a fruitfulness marriage.
  • Line reduces: if the line reduces in size on the Venus Mount this means the bearer is unsympathetic.
  • Short line under thumb: your life will be ruled by your family.
  • Curves: an inwardly curved line that starts from near the base of the wrist and finishes near the thumb means that the life path is to learn how to love and provide for themselves, to make sure they are prepared to share with others.
  • Straight: for the life line to be straight means that the future should focus on helping and healing others and-by so doing-so will result in the bearer having a far more loving life.
the length of the life line

Length of Life Line

There are theories that the length of life line is directly proportional to the length of the subject’s life. Practically, the theory is subject to variation though ancient palm readers believe that this is true most of the time. Recent studies on the hands of corpses indicated that the life line gave an indication of their exact death. However, there are cases that the life line extends beyond the exact age of their death.

This is contrary to other beliefs such as the Lifeline gives an overview of health, as well as vigor in an individual, while the death of a subject is indicated by the other lines on the hand including the mercury line, as well as Head line.

The traditional palmists dwelled the readings on the interpretation of the Life line, often giving the subject favorable expectations. When this did not materialize the lack of success was blamed on the palmists. When the lifeline is strong, long and clear times in life will be favourable. A deep life line on the right hand can be contradicted by a chained line on the left hand. 

strong life line that is deep

A strong Life line

When a life line is well defined, deep and clear then the bearer is healthy, strong, filled with vitality, and resistant to disease. The strong lines are quite common among phlegmatic personalities, as they are dependant on their muscular strength for survival rather than nervous energy. Their lives are quite smooth as they have little health complications. 

They enjoy great physical exertion. Despite the elastic consistency, if the life lines is chained, shallow, and broad, the bearer will not find it difficult to remain relaxed despite the excitements that they may be subjected to in life. Such an individual will be full of vigor of self composure, and self confidence, and give others inspiration. The bearer will be intense at all times, and in all they do, this includes play and work.

If the life line is long and deep especially if this goes beyond the wrist, it is an indication for continuous robustness and vitality through the subject’s life.

A deep-cut life line has several attributes which include energy, health, intensity, vigour, self-confidence, and strength, note that such a life line has effects on all types.

The strength, as well as vigour, is increased if the line points to Jupiter (below the first finger) the Jupiterian qualities in life are eating and staying happy. Many people who suffer addiction are Jupiterians and hold a lifelines that points to this finger or mount. 

life line is narrow

A narrow Life line

This means the bearer has a probable weak immune system. Having a thin Life line does not necessarily imply the individual will be sick but may be quite delicate in life. There is a need to compare the Life line to that of other lines before making a conclusion, for instance, a weak Life line in contrast to other lines leads to the conclusion that the subject will encounter a number of problems at the start of life, they lack the "get up and go" in life. They also feel that other people should carry out their work. If the Life line is thin in contrast to the other lines then the bearer may suffer poor health or will lead a strenuous life.

For individuals with a thin and short life line, there is lack of strength, endurance, they are generally more tired than other people. If the bearers Life line sweeps towards the Jupiter mount this means their parents were most probably lazy. Having a thin Life line automatically limits their ability to exceed in their career. The thin line means the bearer is lazy, this is because of a lack of energy an these people missing physical vigour.

shallow life line

Shallow Life line

To have a shallow Life line is an indication of a lack of vitality. The bearer will have little or no power to resist diseases, poor constitution, no robustness, and no muscular power. They are prone to all types of disorders and their body is in poor condition. They lack endurance, stamina, as well as self-confidence. Common among them is a weak constitution, low levels of energy and obtaining goals. This does not imply they are lazy, as it is a result of their weak bodies. They get weary on taking just a small physical exercise and are never in good state of health, complaining of body pains all the time. They need assistance of friends, relatives, and other close people. After a short while, they can no longer do without other people’s assistance. Their achievement is limited to low levels as they lack the power and will as they grow older each day. The lack of strength, combined with low levels of aggressiveness, is indicative of the attention they perish.

Such life lines are an indication of a high degree nervousness, in which the subjects are fully dependent on their nervous force. Despite the ability to work, they always have the feeling that they cannot do anything well. They try to do better than other people. They are selective and enjoy a routine. They take on roles that do not call for a high level of responsibility. When exposed to work that calls for a combination of efforts, they will give up prior to completion.

The effect of a shallow life line is extreme, the individuals are most likely to be complete failures in any battle for survival, this results from their physical weakness and lack of emotional strength.

A majority of suicide victims bear a shallow life line's on both hands. If the left hand bears a curved deep life line, but the right hand bears a shallow one then the bearer will have a weak constitution. The advice for those that bear a shallow life line, try to focus on the emotional needs of others instead of your own. Try to create limitations within social associations. For people with life lines that take on the appearance of a ladder means unstable health.

chained life line

Chained Life line

Chains found on the Life line mean misfortune.  The bearer of a chained Life line will encounter heartache and trouble. For the chain to be at the start of the Life line represents a difficult and unhappy childhood, also sickness. 

If the chain is apparent throughout the whole course of the line then the bearer will be in poor health. For the chain to cover the Life line partially then this means shocks in life. If the Life line is chained at the start but excellently straight at the end it means the subject has a great mind. On the other hand, if the chained Life line grows thin in the end, the bearer will lack vigour. If the Life line maintains a chained trend, and is shallow and quite broad, then the individual will be weak and struggle to be strong.  

On making a discovery of a chained Life line you should try to understand what caused the weakness. 

cross lines life line

Cross bars

Cross bars are any lines that cross the life line. Their overall effect is disruption or cutting the current flow of the life line. When the cross bar is present on the life line it produces an undesirable effect. This can be illness or simply a setback in life.

There are instances that the Life line is cut by a smaller thin lines - that are too fine to cut the Life line into two. These fine lines represent that the bearer is nervous because of external influences. The small fine lines across the lifeline can also be a sign of worry. For the fine lines to cross the Life line and health line means the bearer maybe exposed to sicknesses. If the cross bars are deep, cutting the life line at several points, then the sickness will be severe.

Redness of the cross bar's indicate fevers, the depth of the cross lines are directly proportional to the seriousness of the sickness. The age for the various ailments can be plotted on the life line. When the cross bar ends on a grille by the Saturn mount (the area by the middle finger) after cutting through the life line, then the illness is a defect of Saturn. This means all the qualities of the Saturn mount (affection, warmth, passion, saving money and love) will be lost for a short period of time.

In the case for a cross bar passes over the Venus mount (under the thumb) into the Life line, this means that parents will make the bearers life difficult, especially if coupled with a chained Life line. If the cross bar's transforms to wavy lines then the subject may be victim of bilious fever or even jaundice, the age for the sickness will be read from the cutting point for the cross bar on the life line.

If the cross bar cuts the head line then the bearer may be suffering from throat complications, bronchial trouble, and blood disorders. The nails will offer confirmation for bronchial trouble, as well as presence of islands on the health line. If the cross bar cuts the lunar mount (at the bottom of the hand below the little finger) the bearer will encounter trouble from their digestive system. On the other hand, if the cross bars cuts into the middle moon Mount then the complication in question is rheumatism or gout. 

If the cross bar is a grille that crosses the lunar mount this is concrete proof that the bearer has or will be having trouble in their urinary system, which includes the bladder and kidneys. The bladder or kidney condition will be confirmed if the hand is colored white, flabby, or soft, with a transparent appearance.

Review the appearance of the life line after the several cuts from the cross bar, as it is a status of recovery, whether partial or complete. If the cross bar cuts over a thin life line then this changes to an island, cross, dot, or in the head line the bearer is prone to attack on the brain. In some rare cases, the cross bars that cut into the line of life will emerge from the influence lines that are situated on Venus mount. If this is the case, then the bearer has suffered in childhood. If the cross bar becomes narrowed then close to the middle of the Head and Health line (known as quadrangle), this means the person suffered or is suffering from asthma. If the crossbar has a composure that is ladder they will suffer from stomach related problems, especially if this crosses the health line.

double life line

More than one life line

When a subject has many life lines close together this means their physical and mental energy is strong. The double life line is quite common. It means that you will have strength in life. To have sister lines that are running parralell with your main life line may mean that the bearer will have two paths of life.

right or left hand in palmistry

Which hand to read left or right?

When it comes to reading the life line, it is important to use both hands because the energy of the life line exemplifies a personal dual energy which exists in all of us. This means that the inner life of the passive hands needs the outer life of the active hand to coexist. The inner life would be more introspective while the outer life would be more expressed; if the inner life stays introspective with an internal dialogue then the external dialogue would be oppositely associated with the outer life or active hand.

star on life line

Star on the Life line

If a star is present on the Life line this is a positive symbol. It suggests that the bearer will have a great life. The position of the star is associated with the timeline of when the person should encounter this fortune. If the lifeline finishes with a star this suggests that many things in life are achievable.  more so at the point where it cuts the head line, the female disease will be confirmed. If the cross line is good and above the markings, the grille and underlying mounts give the respective defects for the subject. Having a strong life line, including a star anywhere on the line is indicative of the subjects well being and excellent power to fight off diseases.

island on the life line

Islands on the life line

If the life line is marked by islands then the flow of current through it will be subdivided into two which will weaken the overall energy or force of health. In all cases, an island means there is a serious health issue. The island marks the start of a difficult period of illness. A very small island will give indication for a single illness. In case the Life line has many islands which takes the resemblance of a chain means a continuous succession of disease. In such instance the islands expand along the Life line, the subject’s trouble will be rising steadily as well. Menopause can also be represented by an island.

Folk at end of life line

Forked termination of the life line

Under normal circumstances, the life line originates at some point above the wrist; it then proceeds towards mount of Venus (below the thumb) or the mount of Luna (below the little finger). The normal place for the Life line to end is towards the wrist and be curved. A life line that wavers at the en means a prolonged illness.

There are instances that the lifeline will split at its point of termination, in such case; one branch will sweep towards the thumb while the other will sweep towards the mount of Luna. The stronger branch is used to determine the destination of the subjects. In addition, it is a determinant whether people will be living close or far from home. In the case of the branch over lunar mount being stronger than the rather, the subjects will spend their entire retirement period far away from their place of birth. The life line can offer an idea on where the subjects will be living or what they will be doing in the latter years of life. In cases of the lifeline branching off and terminating at the Luna mount as well as mount of Neptune, the subject will have the desire to visit places far from their place of birth. They may even live abroad. In addition, it will as well be a reflection of the individual’s restlessness.

To terminate on or towards the lunar mount If the branch that is closer to the thumb but located on mount of earth looks much stronger and deeper, then the bearer will live far from their place of birth, but may only return before they die. They will opt to be buried in their place of birth or their ancestral land.

If the branch which is quite far from the thumb looks much deeper and cleaner, these individuals will be staying far from their homes on retiring and they will settle their until they meet their death. If Mount Luna is well developed this will indicate the urge to travel on a constant basis and this urge will increase if there exists another branch of the Life line that terminates on the moon mount.

There are some instances in which one of the branches of the split life line slightly grows towards the subject’s thumb. If this is the case look for a small fork at the termination of the lifeline. In this case, the subject will have fun traveling and will do so all through their life. They will visit several places in the world but will go back home in the end. It has been found that flight attendants, pilots, stewardess and other workers who travel regularly have forked lifelines.

life line timing and how old you are

Timing on the Life line

A level of accuracy is needed when estimating the age from the life line. For accuracy in the determination of time on the lifeline it has to be marked right at the point that it emerges, and this is normally the upper end which is closer to the lower part of the index finger. The start of the line represents early childhood. The hand can be divided into ten equal intervals - form the top to the bottom. Each of the ten intervals is equivalent to seven years. Normally, any area that lies below the finger of Jupiter is representative of the ages 0-21. 

Mark traumatic events of the bearers life, by simply drawing three imaginary lines to the lifeline, right from the fingers’ proximal edge. The total area covered by the finger of Saturn represents the age between 21 to 42. The area covered by Apollo finger is representative of ages 42 to 63.

The Life line below Mercury represents age 63 and over. There are cases in which both the Head line and Life line are well connected into the subject’s palm. In this case, the individual will be highly cautious and dependent. These people stay under the care of parents for many years past maturity. They then become self reliant and move out with their partners. However, they later end up being dependent on their partners.