Jupiter Finger

Jupiter finger meaning of palm reading

The fingers can be used to ascertain a person's personality or even hobbies and interests. The Jupiter's finger is supposed to represent the self.

There are three sections to this finger, each one represents elements of the subject's personality.

The index finger is one of the most used fingers of the hand, especially when people are having to hold objects. Among the Indians, this finger is known as the “Tarjani”, historically palmists have associated this finger with the ego. The finger depicts the subject's feelings of how he project's him or herself to the outside world.

Historically, in 1886 palmistry literature, this finger was connected to a subject's inheritance, the longer the finger meant the more inheritance that was going to be given to the subject.

For the fingers to be evenly spaced above the Jupiter mount is indicative of success. There is a common rule that a finger that has a delay in growth will be shorter than the rest of the fingers. This means they will be much weaker in character if this appears to be the Jupiter's finger. With respect to this, a lowly set finger of Jupiter will result in a reduction in the size of the Jupiter mount; this means the individual has a high degree of awkwardness in a range of social situations.

This may be caused by the individual’s ignorance of other people's opinions. For the finger to grow straight but to lean towards the other fingers indicates the bearer is seeking freedom or independence. If the finger leans towards the middle finger, then this person has a high degree of pride.

If you have a gap in between the middle and Jupiter finger then this person has an independent mind. If all the fingers are stiff then this person has problems in communicating with others. The Jupiter finger in most cases is an association of the subject's drive in life.

Generally, the index finger is said to indicate the personal power and ability to lead others.

Many people normally use the index finger to express their personal power (to point at something). This is evident when reprimanding, directing, or quarrelling someone, in these cases, a good number of people will be pointing in given directions to try to communicate with others, to get across what the mean, or try to give the weight of what they are saying.

To see if your boss is on the right path of their career then have a look at their index finger. If a person is going to be successful the finger ought to be straight!

The shape of the Jupiter's finger

Besides length, the shape of the Jupiter finger tip should also be analyzed.

There are four possible features of the fingertip as follows:

Pointed Jupiter's finger: if one has pointed fingertips, this person will be very imaginative but will not have the ability to carry out their plans so well.

Conical Jupiter fingertips: a finger that tapers from the base and bears round and thimble-like cone at the end is said to have a conical fingertip. Individuals who bear such finger types are said to have a balanced reasoning and imagination and this means that they can imagine and carry out their plans very well.

Square Jupiter fingertips: such finger type have an equal length all the way from the base to the end. There are some instances that the finger will end in a half rounded square. One who has such type of ending in the index finger will depend on reasoning alone and has no imagination at all.

Speculate Jupiter fingertips: just like the square finger, it will be much thicker at the tip, and this will give it the shape of a classic spatula. One with such fingertips will be executing their plans without any contemplation or conception as they will bear very little power for reasoning.

By Flo Saul
Oct 30, 2012

size of Jupiter finger meaning palm reading

Size of the Jupiter finger

There are times that the index finger is unusually small, this individual is said to take sudden decisions without thinking things through. When the finger is extra ordinarily long, the individual will be proud, cruel, and licentious. A very long forefinger with a pointed upper tip means that the subject is quite superstitious and are obsessed with religion or spirituality. A long Jupiter finger with a square top will imply that the holder has good morals and a charitable disposition. A person may be fickle mined if they have average length Jupiter finger, and a flat upper tip.

lines across Jupiter finger meaning palm reading

Lines across the Jupiter finger

If you see lines running between the top and second joints in a women this means that she may have problems in love relationships but will have many friends. Once married these problems will not trouble her and a happy marriage is on the cards. In a man the bitterness of his tongue. In a female hand a star that is placed in the joint near the mount of Jupiter means that the subject is lascivious. If there are lines in the top joint this can mean the subject can be envious or come across evil-disposed people in their life.

If the forefinger reaches the nail of the middle finger in length, then the person is said to have a balanced ego.

Apollo and Jupiter fingers equal length meaning palm reading

Length of Apollo (ring finger) and Jupiter fingers are the same

For people with Apollo finger equal to index finger, they will get famous all over the globe. Examples of individuals with equal fingers are French leader Napoleon Bona Parte and former American president, Abraham Lincoln.

Forefinger much shorter than the middle finger

This person will be having a high level of timidity. They will be unsure of all things that they will be doing; this is the case especially when the index finger does not reach the nail of the middle finger.

If the finger of Apollo is larger than the forefinger, then the subject will be egocentric and proud of themselves. These individuals struggle and ensure they get the best jobs. They will be found to be in charge of many people, having a range of responsibilities. Due to their desire to take up progression in their careers they tend to flatter the senior managers, in order to gain any promotions that arise in the workplace.

The extreme ego is so strong that they cannot imagine working under other people; if this is the case they work extra hard to get promotion and get a chance to rule others. Despite the low opinions society holds of them and the frequent insults, they opt to carry on and ignore their enemies’ effort to bring them down. Having an forefinger that is much smaller than the Apollo finger, means this person is rather clever and has the ambition to excel in life.

size of phalanges Jupiter finger meaning palm reading

Size of Phalanges

Self confident people have long first phalange of the Jupiter finger, if the individual has a long second phalange, then they have extra ordinary ambitions. Similarly, if the third phalange is longer than the rest, it transforms to too much arrogance and pride.

star on crease of Jupiter finger meaning palm reading

Star on the crease of the Jupiter finger and the mount

For a star to be placed in this area means that this person will sometimes have a bad temper. They will also be quite lucky at work, always getting on better than others.

crooked Jupiter finger meaning palm reading

Crooked Jupiter finger

When one has a crooked index finger, they will be lacking respect. On the other hand, the palmists argue that one with a curved index finger will be a person with a large number of hobbies, which is a positive attribute.

Apollo and Jupiter fingers equal length meaning palm reading

Apollo finger and Jupiter are the same Length

For people whose middle finger equals the index finger, they will be having a lot of desire to control other people, that is, they will be striving for power at all costs. This is typical in most women and is associated with the theory of the digit ratio.