Islands Under The Mounts

Islands Under The Mounts

The island is an indication that the subject may be malnourished.

Other health defects include carelessness which result from problems with sleep, poor digestion, heartburn, lack of appetite, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, hyper sensitivity, anxiety, abnormal blood pressure, and depression.

Islands that are present on the mounts are associated with being swamped in life of many unclear feelings or problems.

To properly, review we can assume that the island is a negative sign.  The mount's have been named after the astrological planets. They emphasize a range of qualities connected to personality.

The mount of Apollo is located below the ring finger and denotes the subject's artistic abilities.

This is also associated with fame and luck, so to have an island appear in this position may indicate that the person may have problems with reaching this potential in life.

The mount of Jupiter is below the first finger, this mount is connected with moving through life smoothly. It is connected to goals and for an island to appear on this mount means the subject may encounter setbacks in life.

The mount of Saturn is located by the Jupiter finger, known as the middle finger. This is connected with being organised in life, as well as climbing the ladder at work.

To have an island appear at this point means that the person may encounter blocks at progressing in life.

Finally, the mount below the small finger is known as the mercury mount. An island in this position can suggest problems with thinking quickly. This mount is connected to feelings of being happy in life.

Outlined below is a brief overview of what an island means on each mount.

By Florance Saul
Dec 16, 2012

island under Jupiter mount palmistry

Islands under mount of Jupiter

If there are single or many islands on the line heart but below Jupiter Mount, this is indication of social disagreements. The subject’s ego and ambition will be greatly affected. Such heart line is indicative of the subject’s failure to accomplish their professional and educational goals. If the island disappears, the bearer will then regain from their emotional impairments and other related problems.

island below Saturn mount palmistry

Islands below the mount of Saturn

These indicate the financial strain that results from past depression and grief, in addition, this is associated with remote feelings in connection with a loved one. Such islands on this mount indicate various other health impairments that include liver ailments, rheumatic conditions, sexual incapability, neurosis, and gall bladder ailments.

island below Apollo mount

Island below the Apollo mount

An island below the Apollo mount means the bearer has hurt feelings. This results in them developing a bad attitude towards many people in life. They will always repress internal feelings. In case their lovers are not up to their expectations, they end up too frustrated, angry, and dissatisfied. They always have anguish and pain which is caused by a string of unsuccessful relationships. The stress resulting from relationships fuels turmoil of a psychological nature that ends up hindering skills and talents.

In many cases, having islands under the mount of Apollo is indicative of problems with vision such as temporary blindness, cataract, or glaucoma. If they have lived for more than four decades, they should make consultations with ophthalmologist in order to review their eyes.

island below mount of Mercury palmistry

Islands under mount of mercury

If there is an islands below the mercury mount, this is indicative of constrained emotions, when it comes to matters of the world. This is representative of emotional constraints that impair one’s ability to express themselves clearly and makes them isolated from other people. The bearer experiences many problems with their psychology due to the emotional, physical, and verbal abuses that they experience.