Health Line

health line meaning of palm reading

The presence of the line is an indication of poor health, this means if the line is absent; the subject is enjoying good health.

In the case it is fully absent, then the constitution of the individual's health is perfectly strong. A prominent line of mercury is indicative of a weak nervous system. However, when it is chained the person will always experience problems with the kidney or liver. The line of mercury is indicative of a risky state of the brain when fully marked from the head to the heart, and red in color the subject will have problems. If the line of health intersects the line of life, the subject will be weakly constituted all most of their lifetime. There is an indication of excellent business if the line of health originates from either the life line or the lunar mount. There is a common saying the good health is wealth. However, no matter how much care people take upon their health, diseases are common to all. The palmists will have the ability to predict what is most likely to attack you by having a simple look at the line. It is important to look at the head line, health line, heart line, and life line. 

As previously outlined, a person’s health is affected by various other features on the hand, such as colour, mounts, skin, and nails. For instance, an individual with a good mount of Venus will experience excellent health status. For good health, all the other indicative lines should appear in the hand without any defects and breaks. In case any of the lines that matter in the health of individuals has any deformity, such as a break and lack of clarity, the person’s health will be in deep mess. It has been observed that a pale coloured palm is indicative of a poor state of health. If the health line is chained then this is suppose to signify a series of health complaints, especially in connection with the liver or bladder. If the health line stops at the heart line heart problems are predicted.

Various lines in peoples hand undergoes various changes in life; one of them is the line of health. In the early stages of life when one is exposed to life-threatening situations, it will appear much stronger, in the later stages and when the subject is exposed to little risk, the line will be almost absent. The line will as well manifest itself prominently if the subject is in deep thought, or uses their mental power greatly. The healthy individual will completely lack this line, its presence is merely indicative of poor state of health.

If the line of health cuts across the hand, and sends roots all over until they reach line of life, then the subject has some work-related illness. If the line of heart rises and seems to be branching from line of health, or even cuts the life line, then the subject will suffer health diseases, this will be the case for the crossing of the two crucial lines. If the line of health is quite strong in marking, but the nails’ fingers are short, round then the individual will be fearful, even at the slightest threats. However, if the individual has long nails that bear an almond shape, the lungs are in great danger.

Flat, shell-shaped nails, together with a deeply marked line of health; means the subject is prone to getting paralysed, as well as other serious conditions of the nervous system. A dark red line of health, which on pressing bears small spots, is indicative of the underlying liver complications and biliousness. If the line is heavily marked, and is close to the life line, there will be frequent fevers attacking the subject’s brain, this will be the case if the islands have marks on line of head. If the line of health runs on all over the hand but does not interact with the life line, then the subject offers great resistance to disease. 

This line has also been connected to behaviour characteristics rather than associated with health. This, the appearance of the line suggests that these people may have a sharp tongue or that they are critical to others. Therefore, this line is known as the line of communication. To have this line means the person has a great sense of communication with others. 

For the health line to begin on the lunar mount means that this person has a great sense of organisational powers. These people are often executives, they are generally quite logical.

By Florance Saul
Oct 30, 2012

broken line of mercury palmistry

Broken Line of Mercury

If line of health features some broken straight lines, the subject is to experience serious problems in their digestive system such as poor indigestion, and issues with the stomach. Problems with one’s lungs are indicated by one break in the line.

forked line of health palmistry

Forked line of Health

For the health line to branch into two means that they generally enjoy business success. They have outstanding success in life, especially in making a profit. It's particularly significant for these people to eat a healthy diet plan. High in energy-improving nutrition and also to make certain they avoid dehydration with 2 liters of water each day, staying away from an excessive amount of coffee to ensure that they're alert. They ought to also make certain they get lots of exercises so that they remain fit.

health line begins at life line palmistry

Begins at the Life line

If the health line begins at the Life line then the bearer will not be controlled by his or her family but by moral standing, normally people with a profession of helping others such as a doctor, lawyer or nurse will have this line. People with the line from their Venus mount means that their life is normally free from pressure.

island at beginning of health line palmistry

Island at the start of the health line

Having an island at the start of the health line is indicative of a serious headache, insanity, melancholia, and many other irregularities of the brain. On the other hand, an island in the middle of the health line is indicative of some serious conditions of the heart such as cardiac arrest. One’s nails should be smooth, and defect free. However, the life line gives accuracy when it comes to matters of physical appearance as compared to the heart line.

Chains on mercury line palmistry


When the line of life appears more heavily chained and weak, the health line on an individual’s hand will raise the likelihood of the subject’s health problems. If they are found with the line of head filled with small islands, or chain like, the subject is prone to headaches, brain disorders, and several conditions of the heart. A cross on the health line and a circle on the life line has been known to be associated with blindness. If the line is frayed this is associated with the person's nerves. They become easily anxious. The mercury line has been known to be associated with a person's career. Like all lines, it should be long, deep and free of any defects. Breaks in this line have been known to indicate a business downfall or setback.

triangle on health line palmistry

A triangle on the health line

This indicates a person that is in connection with their spirit guides. This person enjoys occult. The intention of this person is to inspire and guide others to be better people in life. After they feel at ease with others, their future is to train, inspire and guide others to a better life.