Head Line

Head Line palmistry

This line when even, long, and narrow, shows good judgment, a strong will and a clear mind.

With the Mount of Mercury well developed, originally, energy and constancy are shown. If the Mercury mount is low there will be more learning but less ability. When this line is separated from the line of life it is a sign of self-confidence. When joined to the line of life it shows a want of self-confidence. When long and straight – commercial sense indicated. When very long and sloping, imagination and artistic feeling are indicated, but little judgment.

The head line runs horizontally across the center of the palm starting between the thumb and the Jupiter finger and then travels across the hand. The head line doesn’t normally reach all the way across the hand or even the Mercury edge of the hand. There is a lot of room in between the location of the thumb and the Jupiter finger and the Head lines tend to begin around that area. They might join with the life line on occasion, right above the life line or occasionally around the area of the mount of Jupiter below the Jupiter finger.

The head line extends across the hand and has some kind of curve and is not normally really straight. The greater gap between the head line and the life line, the more the love of independence will be present within a person and might be somewhat foolhardy or rash in decision making. This line rules the realm of the intellect, thought and forward motion. If a person has a curvy Head Line is a sign of an intuitive thinker and a very straight line tends to show a more logical way of thinking. When a life line is connected to the headline this is a very common placement and this is because the head and life are connected throughout our lives, the usual place of separation revolves around the influence of family values and outside influences which changes the way a person might think showing a complex family life. 

When the head line crosses the life line, there is a strong chance that the person may encounter certain life-threatening situations in their life, such as illness accidents or even some forms of self obsession or challenging at that point. Where the head line ends is also indicative of the level of intelligence or lack of it that a person will be dealing with. There is a level of impact about a person’s education as well as the speed in evaluating information and decision making.

If the head line ends under Saturn this will give the mind a strong focus on the material or real world. A long head line symbolizes an intense involvement with details which can sometimes keep you awake at night. The depth or intensity of the Head line directly relates to the intensity of a person’s thoughts. A deep, clearly cut head line shows a thought process which is organized as well as clever. When the head line is less clear or broken, a person will have difficulty thinking through their life’s problems. They will get distracted or even suffer from attention deficit disorders.

    By Flo Saul
    Dec 18, 2012