Hand Type

Hand Type palmistry

The shape of the hand can provide information on personality characteristics.

There are many various hand shapes and the quickest way to read someone and understand his or her character is to review the shape to determine one's personality. Conical hands are said to fall under the "air hand." Pointed fingers are a sign of water hands, the fire hand generally falls within the spatulate hands and finally fire hands are square. 

Within Palmistry there are several distinctions made when referring to the types or shapes of the hand. When one is doing a reading, it is helpful for a person to pay close attention to what element the hand shape corresponds to as well as which systems of categorization exist for your particular hand. The seven types or shapes within the art of Palmistry are known as: Elementary, Square, Spatulate, Philosophic, Conic, And Psychic.

Elementally speaking, the palm of the hand is divided into four different positions in western astrology. The Seven types of Hands in Palmistry began originally as the distinguishing tools which help readers to understand the general personality of their clients.

By Florance Saul
Oct 30, 2012

Mixed hand palmistry

Mixed Hand

The shape of the mixed hand is most commonly seen as square with fingers which vary and change from finger to finger. The Jupiter or index finger tends to be somewhat pointed and the appearance of the palm is spatulate in the Apollo or ring finger. The lines are very random and almost never consistent. The astrological signs associated with this palm are the Gemini, Cancer, Aries and Pisces. Individuals with this palm shape tend to be sociable, adaptable, friendly as well as versatile in the work place. They are known as the Jack and Jills of the world, the ones who are capable of handling many different things at once. A truly mixed personality is both obvious as well as extreme with hidden talents and personality traits which take time to blossom and develop.

psychic or idealistic hand palmistry

Psychic or Idealistic

The shape of the Psychic hand is long and slender, with fingers which are long with smooth joints OR pronounced joints, depending on the person. The palm is long, narrow as well as thin or oval shaped with an appearance which is smooth and even white or pale. This kind of hand is full of lines all along the surface which symbolizes many spiritual channels all along their life path. The astrological signs associated with this shape of the hand are Aquarius and Pisces. These individuals tend to be idealistic primarily because they are connected to intense spiritual energies which make them have high hopes for themselves in their life as well as in the world. They are imaginative, patient and contemplative.

conic or artistic hand palmistry

Conic or Artistic

The shape of the Conic hand tends to be wider in shape at the base than at the fingers and the fingers are smooth, long with pointed tips. The palm of the hand is well proportioned, with some fleshiness to it and an appearance which is soft and graceful. The lines do not tend to be straight in general and they vary from hand to hand with lots of full lines. The astrological signs of the Conic shape are Cancer and Libra. They are known to be passionate, sensitive as well as instinctual, they know what is right for them and they even tend to have some good insight on what is right for others as well. They have a wide variety of interests and like to spend time considering landscape design or even home decorating to please their personal aesthetic.

philosophic hand type palmistry


The shape of the Philosophic hand is long in shape with long, sometimes pointed fingers which are obviously jointed and fleshy, cushioning fingertips. The palm tends to be long and wide or broad in the middle with a narrow base around the fingers. They tend to be firm in appearance but not hard, thus giving the appearance of receptivity in the Philosophic person. This person usually has many lines which are deep and distinct and the astrological signs associated with this hand shape are Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Capricorn. These individuals tend to be the diplomatic, analyzing types of people who also border on reclusive because they live distinctly in their heads.

spatulate or active hand type palmistry

Spatulate or Active

The shape of the hand known as Spatulate tend to be square with somewhat broader bases of the fingers, a smaller thumb is normal - they can sometimes have a more wide than long. The palm of the hand is somewhat thick with a relatively sturdy frame which is not in any way frail looking. The lines are deep and defined and the astrological signs associated with this kind of hand are Sagittarius, Capricorn and Gemini. Individuals with a Spatulate hand tend to be the overly social, competent and confident people who we all know and love. They are the life of the party, the mechanical visualizers who bring expansive perspective to those who participate in their lives. 

square hand type palmistry

The Square, Useful or Practical

The shape of a Practical hand is primarily square with short and square fingers, and if the square fingers do not exist, then the person should have distinctly square fingertips. The palm of the hand is square to somewhat long with a smooth appearance and lines which are known to be deep and directed and in no way random. The astrological sign related with the Practical hand is Capricorn, Virgo as well as some Aries. These folks are down to earth, patient, precise and understanding. They tend to have an organizational approach to life which assists a great number of individuals because they tend to assist others in achieving their goals. These Practical people are efficient and communicative and while they are not necessarily inventive, they are hyper creative.

elementary hand type palmistry

The Elementary or lower type

The shape of an elementary hand is large and somewhat club like, the fingers are short and sometimes stubby and the finger nails should be wider than they are long with squarish tips. The palm is supposed to be rough in texture, similar to a piece of wood. Therefore the appearance would be categorized as ‘course.’ The lines on the hand would be hard to read because they would be somewhat blended together amidst the coarseness of the hand. It is hard to find distinctive lines but when you do they tend to be straight and short with a distinctive life line. These individuals are known to be somewhat stubborn, with a love of nature as well as hard working. The astrological sign associated with the Elementary type is Taurus. These are the strong and reliable workers who are known to be dependable but sometimes work too hard. Their hands show the hard work they have put in during their life time, yet their spirit is grounded and this kind of hard work genuinely makes them happy.

air hand type palmistry

Air Hand

The Air hand is represented by a square palm with longish fingers. The person associated with the element of Air are somewhat opposite of those represented by Earth in the sense that these Air folks tend to spend most of their time living within the realm of the intellectual. They tend to be very hyper and busy and can at points be victims of stress and are prone to worrying. They are the communicators of this world and are often quite good at working with the general public. Similar to other air signs in the Zodiac, air signs in palmistry have a hard time committing to long term relationships simply because they like to be busy.

Earth hand type palmistry

Earth Hand

The Earth hand is represented by a square palm with shorter fingers. The person associated with the element of Earth the strongest are the type to commonly be considered focused, no-nonsense individuals with a tendency to be very aware of their circumstances. They often would prefer to spend their time outside then inside, and spend more time physically involving themselves in life then in internally.

fire hand type palmistry

Fire Hand

The Fire hand is represented by a somewhat oblong palm with shortish fingers. The person associated with the element of fire is the most busy and energetic as well as adventurous. Sometimes they are impatient but they often make good leaders who others look to for help in their lives.

water hand type palmistry

Water Hand

The Water hand is represented by an oblong palm but with long fingers. The person associated with the element of Water are the sensitive and emotional people, they tend to be the ones others go to for a listening ear. They are known to be somewhat ruled by their emotions and may have trouble dealing with new situations which are challenging, especially if their emotions are involved.