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Fish Sign Palmistry

Do you have this super lucky sign on your hand?

Well if you do then I have so much in store for you! The Fish sign is auspicious of financial gain, hope, wealth, prosperity and riches. Ideally, it should be positioned going upwards and point to a finger. The best position of all is seeing the fish sign on the mount of apollo (the sun) is the best position which is normally seen in the rich and famous.

fish sign palmistry

The fish symbol in palmistry is very interesting indeed, it represents the following:

  • Someone who is likely to be rich.
  • Fame and fortune.
  • A person that will live in luxury. 

Where is the fish sign on the palm?

This image on the top of this article shows the possible locations of the fish sign. As you can see there is the chance that these points can occur on the mounts or on the lines of the hand. As you can see the fish sign can occur in various places - and in more than one! 

The fish sign is normally visible on the mounts of the hands. It is important to realize that the fish sign looks very similar to an island. The difference between an island and the fish sign is that you can generally see the two forks of the tale. Moreover, the fish symbol normally protrudes and is quite visible on one of the hands mounts. The placement of the fish sign is equally important for interpretation. the good news is that the fish sign is generally a positive omen belongs to high profile leaders. Palmer St, South can be traced back to 3000 years ago, obviously, during that time there was no book in order to learn of the symbolism is on the hand.

The first known reading of symbolism is found on the hand that was made from the Holy Scriptures of Veda. The reason I mention this is because in this script it denotes that the right hand is associated with one's present tense in the left hand signifies the future. Both hands variance between each other so the right-hand equals the karma which is active in the left hand is our maker. We call palmistry all sorts of names: Chiromancy or just plain palm reading. I am here to help you understand all the little signs on your hand. There are certain areas of thought when it comes to “signs” on the hands. 

The fish can normally look like an Eye on the hand and is often quite common on people and is what is considered a “lucky omen.” So, congratulations if you have the fish sign on your palm! The symbol is a very good sign for anyone who is looking to move forward in their career. Most bearers of the fish sign on the palms display signs of happiness, financial wealth and also read winning qualities. If you think of our minds are potential the symbolism of the fish sign illustrates that we can explore our potential.

The fish symbolism is very biblical and frequently in religious terms, it indicates Christ. The fish symbolism is often used for baptism and represents holy waters. I will now describe what each of the fish symbols means on the various parts of the hand. 

Palmistry Guide - The Fish Sign on a Female Hand

if the fish sign is seen on a female hand then this can suggest that the person expresses their own feelings naturally. If the fish sign is at the bottom of the hand near the wrist it can also indicate a possible sense of loss of confidence. The fish sign is a positive omen for travel and financial gain.

Palmistry Guide - The Fish Sign on a Male Hand

If the fish sign is found on a male hand and this denotes that there is a materialistic environment, it really shows the essence of masculinity sense of one personal identity also the potential of wealth and prosperity for the individual. If the fish sign is on the lifeline of the male then this can signify an exclusive event in life that will bring money and wealth.

Seeing the Lucky Fish Sign on Your Mounts

I’m now going to introduce the palmistry mounts! There are seven mouths on hand that is associated with specific zodiac planets alternatively the node of the moon. Each of the mounts indicates a part of our life and the fish sign can appear anywhere on the hand or upon these mounts. The mounts themselves are associated with not only the spiritual development but also how we focus on moving through life.

Palmistry Guide - Fish sign on Mount Of Venus

For the fish sign to appear on the mount of Venus can mean that you will find success in love. This is a great position for a fish sign. What is the mount of Venus? Well, this is under the thumb and indicates that we are very much loved. It can suggest that you will easily find love and lust in life. The Mount of Venus is associated with a physical body and how healthy we really are. To find the fish sign on this part of the palm can suggest that there is a conception that you take your health very seriously. You can also reflect, how we are using a body to involve. This is a fantastic omen to find the hand as it recognizes that we can shift and move our bodies into different directions it can also indicate that you may have a love of physical pleasure.

Palmistry Guide - Fish Sign on Mount Of Jupiter

To find the fish symbol on the mount of Jupiter on the hand can suggest that there will be possible to also indicate the person has a relaxed state more introverted mood and the desire to attract attention. The mass of Jupiter is found. Jupiter as the amount is associated with our inner awareness and life beyond what we feel. Having a fish sign in this area can indicate that you are aware of this and also the spirit. It can mean you want to gather data and understand why life is what it is. 

Fish Sign On Mount Of Saturn (Known as the Sun In Palmistry)

Saturn known as the sun line or mount is normally found in the vertical center of the hand. Saturn is normally known as the “mount that has the most blessings.” Thus, to find a fish sign on the sun mount can indicate that you hold proper judgment and that in the long term you will need to curb words or actions or face social problems.

Palmistry guide - Fish Sign on Mount of Luna

The Mount of lunar is associated with the dark lessons that we have to learn in life you can also signify our spiritual guide teachers. To find a fish sign on the Mount of Luna can suggest that through difficulty happiness and love will materialize. Often this means that the love that through difficulties this could be an addiction or another deep level of the self. Often, those people that have the fish summary on the Mount of lunar have greater influence over others.  In one aspect of themselves such as love. As I said in the opening paragraph we can change our hand or the lines on for our future depended upon actions.  For the fish sign to be found on the mount of Luna is great for one's career. It is basically a fab symbol and can indicate that travel will happen. Also, this is a super lucky sign. 

Fish Sign on Mount of Mars

The Mount of Mars is an area of the palm that indicates how we deal with life. Normally, this mount is found right in the center of the palm. This is sometimes known as the Plane of Mars in some palmistry books. The Mount of Mars is at the center of the hand and indicates the “aggression” in life i’m sorry to say - it is not a positive mount. A fish sign on this mount can mean you will NOT have too much aggression inlife. That is positive.

Fish Sign on the Mount of Ketu

The Mount of Ketu is in a strange place in the centre of the hand, in a kind of triangle. But what does it mean if you have a fish sign in this area. It can indicate that you will have great health, and super wealth. It is also known as the Mount of Neptune and represents our link between spirit guides. Having a fish here can indicate we will succeed in life.

Fish Sign on the Mount of Mercury

The mount of mercury is associated with our own good luck. This is associated with wealth and how comfortable our life is. Having a fish sign on this mount indicates that you will acquire wealth.

Palmistry Guide - Fish Sign on Major Palmistry Lines

At times, the fish sign can appear on our palmistry lines. If you don’t yet know what these are - the fish sign can appear on one of the major palmistry lines such as “life, fate, head or even heart. The other important element when it comes to palm reading is that some people may find some lines are just plain missing. When this happens don’t try to find them, it is perfectly fine not to have the fish sign on that particular palm. 

Palmistry Guide - Fish Sign on the Life Line

The lifeline is a very important line in palmistry. If the lifeline shows the sign of the fish sign  this is a very powerful event in one's life. It's important to recognize that the fish sign is not mistaken for an island. The lifeline we found from the bottom of the rest right up to the top of the palm. I've marked on the image the timelines of the lifeline. In a nutshell, to find the fish line and the lifeline is incredibly lucky, it can indicate that financial wealth is likely to be yours! In Chinese palmistry finding fish symbolism on the lifeline can suggest millionaire status. 

On a more negative note, a fish symbolism in the Indian palmistry culture on the lifeline means a woman can suggest that there will be difficulty in love however she will have financial prosperity from her husband. This is quite an old-fashioned outlook we also need to consider where about the fish symbolism occurs on the lifeline. If the fish symbolism is at the wrist and this can indicate prosperity later in life if however, it is near the top of the palm this suggests inherited wealth.

For the fish sign to appear on the lifeline if you don’t already have wealth it means that you could have wealth very soon!

Palmistry Guide - Fish Symbol on the Small Finger

To see a fish sign anywhere on the smaller finger can suggest that you enjoy researching or will take a career that will lead you to many paths in life.

Palmistry Guide - A Fish Sign on the Mercury Line

A fish sign on the mercury line (this begins near the end of the life line) and is connected to our own health. This is normally called our health line and a fish on this line is great. It means that you will have some great health. The mercury line is also a sign of how we look after ourself and health issues. 

Palmistry Guide - Head Line

For the fish sign forming on your head line indicates that something major will happen career wise. It can mean that your home will change or you will move due to a job. This is a positive sign. 

Palmistry Guide - Heart Line

The heart line is known as the “love” or “passion” line. The fish symbol - at any point on your heart line is super lucky. It can mean that a marriage you have / or long term partnership will be smooth. The size of the heart line is important and the fish sign under the small finger indicates that you will have harmonious relationships. 

To see the fish sign under the ring finger, on the heart line under this finger can mean that you will find constant true love. If the fish sign is under the index fingers or in between the two can suggest that universal happiness and if the fish sign curves down this can mean that you need to sacrifice things. 

Splits on the heart line is somewhat good especially if they both go in different directions. If the fish sign is on a broken heart line then this can suggest after an unhappy time you will get back with a lover.

Palmistry Guide - Fish Sign on Thumb

I think people will look up to you if you see the fish sign anywhere on the thumb area of your hand, meaning that you can improve things in life. Given the isolation of the fish sign (on the thumb area) it could mean you may face a problem where you need to think more logically. 

The thumb is a sign of illogical thoughts, people who have behaved negatively towards you often show up on the thumb as islands or chains. The sort of people who are living fairly low on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs! So beware of that! To see double fish signs reversed on your thumb can mean the possibility of problems that are induced by too much alcohol or drugs. 

Summary - Fish Sign On Palm

In conclusion, the fish sign is important in palmistry and generally, it is a positive sign. If there is something I have missed then make sure you drop me a line so I can update the article. Reading palms is a great activity and with the time you will have the ability to simply understand what it means for each sign of the hands. 

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