Finger Shape In Palmistry

The four fingers can provide answers to our inner desires or hidden personalities and I hope you can review your fingers in order to understand what they mean. 

The length of the fingers tends to be important based on what the fingers are individually responsible for. The top or tallest fingers are sectioned off by their joints into sections, the top most being linked specifically to the mind and spirit, the middle length fingers associated with practical matters and the smallest with some of our more basic needs as well as our human urges.

The phalanges are present on each finger. These can be described as the three divisions on each finger, the first phalange represents the spiritual or psycho, the 2nd, the intellectual world and the 3rd, the material world. It was believed by ancient palmists that after the first phalanges of all of the fingers is properly developed, there was much idealism in the subject.

To determine the traits of each phalange it was recommended to measure them and compare the size against each other. Good second phalanges were associated with intellectual tastes. Each finger must, however, be read separately, and also each phalanges.

By Florance Saul
Dec 16, 2012

Jupiter finger length meaning palmistry

Jupiter Finger Length

If the Jupiter finger is the longest finger then this is connected with the energies of Jupiter, is known in sections for the top being associated with pride and dignity, the middle with ambition and business skills and the bottom part of the finger handles the desire to be in charge as well as a lack of refinement on occasion. If this finger is smaller than the ring finger then this is common in males. For the Jupiter finger to be the same length as the ring finger then this is common for females. When straight and long (in comparison with the other fingers) it shows thought and economy. When pointed, it indicates quick apprehension; intuition; and a love of reading. With the first phalange long, it indicates religion; with the second ambition; with the third, love of rule.

finger of Saturn palmistry

Finger of Saturn

This finger is normally the tallest finger on the hand. It represents a person who is studious and superstitious at the top of the digit, known for a talent in work which involves detective work and then the bottom part of the digit would be focused on financial stability and being in charge with your money. Measure each digit to see which one is the longest to see what traits you hold.

Mercury finger palmistry

The Finger of Mercury

This is normally the smallest finger on the hand. This finger is known at the top of the digit to be able to assist in communication, with the middle representing the ability to practically communicate with others while the bottom tends to focus more on business and marketing, or commerce than on anything else.

The ring finger palmistry

Apollo Finger

The finger relating to the Sun rules the energies at the top of the digit with a poetic and artistic ability as well as a flair for the dramatic. The middle rules strength in business interests and the bottom represents bad or uncomfortable tastes in things in the world. This is also known as the ring finger. In women this finger should be of equal size to the Jupiter finger. A vein goes to the heart from this finger, which is why it was chosen to wear the marriage ring.