Finger Shape

Palmistry finger shapes and what they mean

Within Palmistry, each finger has its own personal characteristic which can be relatively revealing about the personality of the person getting the reading and each finger is also known for planet which rules the energies around the person’s life. There are four main finger shapes which are focused on particularly in Palmistry. That is square, pointed, conic or spatulate fingers.

  • The first or index finger is known for the planet Jupiter, commonly associated with ambition, confidence, happiness, luck and a positive outlook toward life especially in matters relating to religion.
  • The second, middle finger is known to be ruled by Saturn and is associated with balance, responsibility as well as serious matters.
  • This is the finger that resonates within the briding line between our external personality and our inner world perspectives.
  • The third finger, also known as the ring finger of the hand is ruled by the Sun, representative of expansive energy and tends to motivate feelings revolving around strength, creativity and artistic urges.
  • The little or pinky finger is associated with Mercury primarily because it is linked up with communication skills, mental agility and the querent’s attitude toward sexual matters. 

By Florance Saul
Dec 16, 2012

square fingers palmistry

Square Fingers

Square fingers are fingers whose tips take on a square kind of appearance and they show a practical and even sensible, well organized disposition of the querent. If they are all the same size in addition to being square, there will be a great sense of order realized in this person’s realistic approach to life in a love of all things punctual.

pointed fingers palmistry

Pointed Fingers

Individuals who have pointed fingers are commonly known to be somewhat sensitive souls, those who can be sometimes impractical with their time and money or even have a hard time handling the realistic sides of the world. When all of the fingers are pointed and the tips are very long, they will be especially Piscean as well as dreamy, unrealistic and sometimes get stuck in their idealistic ideas about the world. They have a way of looking at the world which is beautiful, but things must fit into their creative aesthetic.

conic fingers palmistry

Conic Fingers

Conic is a term used to describe individuals with round fingers. These individuals tend to be quick witted and intuitive people. These folks can also be very spontaneous as well as easily persuaded and can sometimes be confused as impressionable people.

spatulate fingers palmistry

Spatulate Fingers

Spatulate fingers are used to describe those whose fingertips appear to be flatter in nature and spread out. These types of fingertips are commonly associated with people who have an energetic way about them they are active as well as original and have the potential to help others gain success in life.