Finger Ratio

Finger ratio palm reading

Can the length of your fingers predict your personality? According to the theory of the 2D:4D ratio they can!

There has been a large number of scientific exploration into the relationship between the index finger and the ring finger.

Scientists have made a suggestion that both fingers are exposed to testosterone in the womb. The ratio indicates prenatal testosterone levels.

The theory of 2D:4D ratio has been investigated in connection with the impact on our personality. Research has found that the majority of women have equal levels of the index and the ring fingers.

Males tend to have a shorter index finger than the ring finger.

There has been claims that if an individual has a long ring finger this means that they received high amounts of testosterone while in their mother’s wombs, and this reduces the length of the index finger.

Some of the personal traits that have been linked to the ratio include character, cancer's, cognition, diseases, and aggressiveness.

To find your own ratio grab a ruler and measure both your ring finger (1) in the picture to the left and (2) your index finger, from the crease at the bottom to the tip.

Then divide the index finger result with the ring finger.

There is a growing number of scientific findings to support the 2D:4D ratio. According to superstition there has been a connection between a man being well endowed, having big hands and large feet.

A scientific study carried out in 2001 by the; Cachon University in Incheon, South Korean measured the penis size of one hundred and forty four men over the age of twenty who were soon to undertake urological surgery. 

They compared this to the size of the index finger. Based on this study, the lower the 2D:4D ratio, the larger the penis. A study in 1983 by Wilson at King's college, London looked at the difference between female fingers and the leadership qualities, and assertiveness in connection with the finger length.

In this study nine hundred and eighty five women returned a questionnaire on the length of their fingers and filled in answers to questions related to assertiveness.

Surprisingly, women with a shorter forefinger were more assertive. They also described themselves as being more competitive.

Example of calculation: Index finger = 6.5cm  / Ring Finger = 5.1cm  = 2D:4D ratio result: in this case it is 1.2 (this ratio result means the person is likely to be female) 

Men typically score below 1 and women score above 1

Facts about the 2d:4d ratio

  • The 2D:4D ratio of human fingers is a result of the balance that occurs between the prenatal estrogen and testosterone when the subject is in the womb.
  • If the 2D:4D finger ratio is high the person has either low estrogen or high testosterone concentration respectively.
  • If an individual has a low 2D:4D ratio of their fingers, they have high concentration of testosterone or low concentration of estrogen.
  • The index finger or the 2d has less hormone receptors than the 4d finger or simply the ring finger; this means that this ratio is highly dependent on the length of the ring finger.
  • Studies conducted in animals and humans have shown that the right hand has a much stronger link between testosterone and estrogen as compared to the left one.
  • This ratio is dependent on the sex of an individual, and normally, the fourth digit is longer in men than in women.
  • This ratio is highly dependent on a person’s ethnicity.

By Florance Saul
Oct 30, 2012

high level 2D 4D ratio palmistry

High level 2D:4D

If you have a high level of 2D:4D then you are suppose to have high fertility. Many of the characteristics below have relied on the research of Manning et al, 1998. He researched three hundred and sixty teenagers from Danish population. The sample was from Northern European descent and there does seem to be a connection with the ratio to the nationality of the ethic population. The variation of the ratio was further explored by Bang et al, in the UK. The difference between the two studies showed that the mean was 0.97 in the UK and 1.02 in the Danish men.

Results of scientific studies for High Level2D:4Dratios

  • May have a low sperm count
  • Likely to have heart diseases if male
  • Risk of obesity in males
  • Increase of psychopathy in females
  • Risk of depression 
  • Risk of schizophrenia
  • Reduced risk of prostate cancer
  • Reduced rate of autism
  • Addiction prone - such as cigarettes or alchol
  • Anxious
  • Lack of performance in sports
  • Great at exams if male
  • Great at color and smell perception.
  • Maybe homosexual if male.
  • Erotic sex roles if female
Equal 2D 4D finger ratio palmistry

Equal 2D:4D finger ratio

Most females have an average ratio of 1.  In most females the length of both fingers is usually about equal. This means a 2D:4D digit ratio = 1.00, while in men the ring finger is usually slightly longer, the average male has a low 2D:4D. If a male has an equal ratio it means that he may not like DIY or things that the "macho" man likes. He is normally an office worker or someone that like to earn money from leadership positions.

Low 2D 4D finger ratio palmistry

Low 2D:4D finger ratio

This is the typical hand for most males. It was concluded at the University of Bath that if the forefinger is shorter than the ring finger, this was normally found in those that excelled in numeracy. Long fingers with a short forefinger is linked to greater prenatal testosterone. In this study, scientists recorded the finger length of seventy-five seven year old children. If you are a male and you have this type of finger then you are considered to be a rather macho man.

There has been quite a few scientific studies regarding a connection with this hand and autism. Manning et al examined 72 children with autism. It was concluded many had this type of hand shape. It is not to say that all people with this hand type will have autism, it was  found that this is a hand type typically seen in children with autism, plus this hand is typical of the male and mostly males suffer with autism. Therefore, personally this conclusion should not worry you. This hand has also been connected with having great musical ability.

  • Increased risk of ADHD.
  • Risk of anorexia.
  • Assertive, leadership and innovative.
  • Enjoy's numbers / working with numbers.
  • If female more masculine.
  • Maybe homosexual if female.