Child Line Palmistry

Child Lines

Most people plan families together in life - and the child lines becomes important lines to bear in mind, namely because these lines can reveal how many child we will have.

Adopted children can appear as a child line but are often found close to the heart line. Boys lines are long, deep and broad and girls lines are narrow and fine. Many thin vertical lines can indicate being fertile. The children lines are often used to predict the number of children a person will have and possibly these lines can be used to predict the sex of the aforementioned children. The children’s lines are usually seen below the base of the little finger and above the relationship line. If you scroll down I have included some examples of what you may find on your hand and what the lines actually mean.

In this article we will be exploring the children’s lines and uncover if you will have any children or any other information we can use in palmistry that will help predict your future.

Placement of the child lines In Palmistry

The children’s lines are usually seen below the base of the little finger and above the relationship line. If you scroll down I have included some examples of what you may find on your hand and what the lines actually mean. The lines of children are normally finally marked and usually found above the heart line which is vertical.

Normally, a deep line represents a boy while a faint line represents a girl. This photo below shows under the little finger two vertical lines - which are upright - these are the child lines. The curved lines are lines of marriage. On my drawings below (of possible placement of these lines) you will see the lines are vertical and can have different markings.  Here is a picture of a hand where the child lines are positioned vertically below the little finger. 

Child Lines

The lines are vertical and can be of various depths, widths and lengths. They can have a variety of appearances which will differ line to line, however, this is important as each difference can indicate a different trait for the child it represents. It is believed that baby ‘spirits’ can essentially “bookmark their parents” years ahead of conception. 

The reading of these lines to uncover possible children - comes from Chinese palmistry. The Chinese have used these lines to not only predict the number of children but also the status of the children. The practice is quite simple in that the number of children’s lines correlates to the number of children a person will likely have (there are some variations I will talk about below). The lines are read from left to right on the dominant hand, so the furthest left line is indicating the first child, the second line indicating the second child and so on. 

Lines that appear deeper as linked to a male child while lines that are short, narrow and shallower are suggestive of a female child. The lines can also predict the loss of a child, a line that is very short, interrupted or broken or very shallow can indicate a miscarriage, abortion or loss from another reason. 

Child lines on a man vs a woman’s hand can also indicate different traits for example if a man has a child line on his palm it is predicted that the child will be healthy, whereas on the contrary, if the line is unclear or crossed with other lines the child may be poorly (sorry to say!). If a woman has a childline on her palm it can indicate the appearance of her children as well as the number:

Below are some examples:

  • A deep wide child line is a sign that the women will have a boy.
  • A narrow and shallow lines indicate a girl.
  • If the line is split at the end there is a high chance of twins being born.
  • If the child line has an island at the beginning (an island is where a line splits into 2 but then re-joins again leaving an ‘island’ in the line) the child will get sick often while they are young and be quite weak.
  • If there is an island at the end of the line it suggests the child will be hard to raise.
  • A curved or wiggly line suggest the child will be weak and have bad physical health.
  • A straight line with no interruptions suggests a heathy child.

The ideal child line is fine but distinct, it should not have any blurry edges, dry skin or scars across them. Scars can often be an indication of difficulty with conception.

Additionally, it is also easy to decipher some detail about the parent / child relationship from the appearance of the child line. For example, if one line is longer than the others then it can suggest the parents have a favourite child, or they have a child that makes the parents proudest if they have more than one. Additionally, an uneven line can indicate a sensitive child who will find it difficult to bond with the family and may need more understanding and nurturing. 

I also like to look at the placing of the line to give an indication of when the children will come into a person’s life. For example, if the child’s line does not cross the relationship line it shows that the child may come into the relationship later than the couple expected.


If a person is interested in the age gap between their children, this can be suggested by the distance between the children lines. Two lines that are close together indicate the children will be born in quick succession but lines with a definite gap between them mean there will be a period of years between births and two very separate lines with an area of smooth skin between them suggests there will be a large gap. 

This is often seen when there has been an end to one relationship or marriage where the first children were born, and the man or woman has then remarried and had another child with their next partner explaining the gap in the lines and lapse of time between children being born.

Often children’s lines are not 100% clear in their meaning, and this can cause several questions to arise. Below are some commonly asked questions and answers which can hopefully provide a deeper meaning and understanding when a more complicated reading is presented to you.

What if there are no child lines present?

If the lines are missing from a women’s hand altogether it often means that she has no interest in having children at all or that she finds it difficult to connect and create relationships with children. There can be other underlying reasons for the lack of children lines such as infertility or that person not having a suitable partner. This is where using the other signs on the palm can help give more details.

What if there are many child lines but no children?

Just because a woman has many child lines does not mean that they might conceive a child, but she may become a great aunt or have many pets that she will consider her family. Another example of a woman with many child lines but no children may be a teacher. She will take care and nurture many children, therefore, have many child lines without having conceived her own children. We also need to remember that child lines show potential, so she may have high fertility but other features in her life may not come together for this to be used.

Does age make a difference when reading the child lines?

In short, yes, a person’s hand will change over time especially if the person is before childbearing age. The lines on a young person's hand may still be changing. The ideal time to read child lines is between 20 and 40. Before this time the hands may change and after this time chances of conceiving are slim so the lines are unreliable as additional lines can be added purely due to skin wrinkling with age.

What if I have a mole or other skin difference in this area?

A mole seen near the relationship and children lines are considered harmful. A person with this feature may experience a sudden collapse of family life for a variety of reasons. This is especially present if the mole or blemish directly crosses the relationship or child line. As mentioned above a scar in this area can indicate difficulty conceiving. While not impossible and the difficulty will vary couple to couple the severity of the interruption to the child line can guide towards the degree of difficulty.

There are also other features of the hand that can indicate how many children a person will have, and it is important to consider these alongside the childline to ensure an accurate prediction.

If the little finger has a low base causing it to be very short, it is an indication of the person having fewer children. If the wisdom line is forked this is enhanced even more. If the mount of Venus is developed and thick it can suggest that the couple has a strong sexual connection and excellent sexual function. This will mean they are likely to have lots of children and find it easy to conceive. However, if the mount of Venus is low or flat it is likely they will have fewer children and may find it difficult to conceive or it may take them some time to be successful. 

If the marriage lines have lots of fine lines on both sides or the Mercury area is shaped like a chain, it will be unlikely the person will be able to conceive children naturally.

Lastly, if the wisdom or health line on a woman is crossed with a romance star it is unlikely that women will be able to conceive or have children at all.Children's lines are very important for giving us insight into our future families and they can be of great interest to a young person who is yet to have children and wishes to see some aspect of their potential future life. We can also use them for a person later in life to find out about the relationship they have with their children and any possible traumas they may have had from losing a child or to investigate a special relationship they may have with one of their children. However, as with the teacher example from above, we must remember that there is more than one explanation of children's lines and we can never guarantee that that line indicates that person will conceive a child. Therefore, we must be sensitive and understand whether we are reading our own palm or someone else’s not to make too decisive of an assumption.

In conclusion in today’s society, there are many ways in which one can be a parent or guardian so while insightful the child lines can be read in a variety of ways and it is important that we do not lose hope or become downcast if we see a line that suggests difficulty with conception or weak children.

Traditionally we also considered the relationship line and important part of the child lines which in some relationships they are but again in our modern society sometimes we may see more untraditional combinations of relationships and child lines than we are used to as a single parent, egg/ sperm donor and adoption become the norm.

By Flo Saul
Jul 7, 2020

Folked Child Line

Folked Child Line

Here you can see that the folks are upwards but if the line splits in any way. Has folks at the end or beginning this can mean that you are likely to have twins. It can also signify that you will have children at a younger age (below 35) 

Wavy Line Child Line

Curved Child Lines

Interesting if your Child Line is be curved or faded this can signal many things. In this case, it represents feeling ambitious about having children, but it can also indicate low energy or struggle to conceive. There are various meanings depending upon the "wavy line placements" of the hand, the waves can also indicate a diversion or change of life. This could mean maybe you can have a child and then take on new career direction. Broken lines in palmistry often signify struggles and losses, the good news about having a wavy Child Line can suggest that things will work out well in the end. 

Vertical Lines Childrens Boys

Deep And Wide Childrens Lines

If the lines however are very deep this could suggest that you going to have boys and be deeply involved with your child emotionally and have ideas and focus on their development.

Islands Child Line

Islands On Child Lines

Occasionally child lines can often have islands on them. These are small circles at either end. A small island in the beginning or the end of the line can mean the baby may not be that robust at birth. If the island is strong at either end they can suggest some minor illnesses.

Narrow Child lines

Narrow And Shallow Children Lines

As I've already mentioned narrow shallow thin lines almost faded represent girls. The lives of children that are narrow can often stand independently from the lines of marriage or the heart. This is a positive sign shows that the female development will not be harmed in any way by external influences. It can also suggest a strong relationship with a parent if the lines are narrower faded.