Career Prospects

Career in palmistry

Various cultures have for a long time associated the success in their career to the lines in their palms.

Here is a question. How to read palm lines for career? In life, we associate success in terms of career and wealth creation. Observing the line of fate and also the line of success together will help determine if the subject's career will be positive. One such culture is the Chinese; they feel any extremities in a human’s body are a reflection of the inner and outer qualities of the person in question.

If the fate line rises from the Line of Life, then the subject's success will be made by personal effort, and perhaps self employment. This person may find the first part of their life will be filled with many difficulties. If the fate line is broken then the career of the subject will be difficult. If the Line of Fate, and the Line of Life however, runs on both palms deep and strong from then the subject will overcome all difficulties in his or her career.

If the left thumb is slightly bent then the subject will win success by his own personal effort and merit, and not dependent on good luck.

To have a crossing point on the lifeline is normally related to career, it is normally considered age 35 that people go to university over this age, they might start working before they go through university. There are various lines or patterns that are related to the career. Sister lines that are parallel to the head-line mean duel career opportunities - depending on your own individual hand. To see a line through the headlines (smaller upwards lines) means a certain career at a certain time.

Analysis of symbols that show a good career

  • The index finger- when it exceeds the length of ring finger, this demonstrates one is a great leader.
  • The ring finger- if exceeding the index finger, the individual is creative.
  • The Line of Life is dark - are symbolic of people who succeed in life.
  • Triangles on the palm - are symbolic for subject’s success in their career.

The major lines of an individual’s palm give an indication of the main influences in the individual’s career. Keep in mind that, some of the most important lines in the palm of the subject do not show up physically. The lines are not fixed but rather change continually, thereby offering a true reflection of the individual’s daily career prospects.

Any person with many swings in their careers will have many complex and deep lines in the palms, similarly one with less complicated lines will have passed through a simple life.

By Florance Saul
Nov 15, 2012