Palm reading bracelets

Rascettes of Venus are known in palmistry as bracelets, these are normally three in the number found at the bottom of the hand. If a triangle is seen on a bracelet it can denote that in the future you will face many directions where prosperity will come to you. More than one triangle on the bracelet indicates a new business venture that will provide reward. The bracelet is at times referred to as the “bangle of the hand”, the name is a result of the round shape. There have been many names for the bracelet, including percussion and rosette. The bracelet is known as an indication of at least thirty years of great health. In the past, the English scholars paid very little or no attention to the bracelet, this is an exception for the Indian scholars, who gave it special attention from the first time they knew of it. A single bracelet is representative of three decades.

The first one indicates the health status, the second indicates the individual's prosperity and general wealth status, while the third and fourth bracelets are indicative of temperaments of a son or daughter. Segmented and fractured bracelets mean there are circumstances the subject may have low social status in their respective society. If the initial line is round and bears some small islands, then the person has the power to achieve their goals fully by use of their hands. The chance of meeting their goals are quite high in this case.

If three girdles originate from the Venus mount, the bearer will get prosperity, wealth and health, respectively in an ascending order. The depth of the bracelets indicates if someone will have a smooth life, while, for people with chained girdles, their life will be sustained only through working hard. A line joining the moon mount to the second bracelet indicates one’s dreams to join the military; such as the army, air force, or navy.

A similar line extending to the venues mount indicates that the subject will get a writing job. On the other hand, a line cutting into the bracelets that extends to meet the smallest finger is indicative that the person achieves their mission only through the full commitment of both body and soul to their work. Such a line, if proceeding to Jupiter mount, shows the person will be successful, but only through cooperation with some highly cooperative individual.

They will be lucky enough to the extent their old age will be comfortable. A red and chained bracelet line is indicative of the subject’s talkativeness, thus having a lot of friends, and enemies alike. On the other hand, if the individual has bi-bracelets and a rough hand, they have difficulty in educating others. If such lines are non-continuous but manage to reach the Venus mount, the person will be hassling for survival.  Thick and widened bracelets are a clear indication of deep worries and tension, the individual has other means of obtaining cash in life. They will make a good amount of money only to save none for their own needs; the money will end up in other people’s pockets.

If the three bracelets are continuous, the subject will excel in technical disciplines but will perform poorly in social interactions. On the other hand, the individual will be aggressive and struggle to share things with others. If they have bracelets lacking islands and chains which is continuing the individual has got many ways of obtaining their income. A bracelet in the shape of a half circle, or transverse means that this person will require support throughout life.

By Flo Saul
Oct 30, 2012

Childbearing Problems

If the bracelets are on a female slightly peak upright this means that she may have a problem in the birth of her child. These people normally have a C-section or assistance in birth. For the line to rise upwards like a triangle, or more known as a bell then this means the bearer may have fertility issues. If the line rises in a mans wrist this can suggest a problem with fertility, also.

Palmistry more than three bracelets

More than three bracelets

If the bracelet line cuts the life line, the person will meet their death in a far away country. Any line originating in the bracelet and goes to the mercury mount means the person will suddenly get money. If the line extends to the Apollo mount the inpidual will get assistance to be rich from another inpidual, and will live a life of luxuary.

Palmistry islands and chained lines

The presence of islands and chained lines

If any irregular signs (such as a circle) is found in between the bracelets, the individual will be lucky enough to get wealth that was otherwise for another person, the subject will have a great reputation as well. The bracelet has influence on the ability to have children, the subject will not have their own children if the bracelet ends in bow shape on the top of the palm. Among the Indian culture having tri-bracelets means wealth and stable health. In Unan, the Indian priest will not confirm any marriage if the three lines are absent.

Palmistry life line joins the bracelets

The Life line joins the bracelets

For the bracelets to touch the Lifeline means that the bearer is ready for a challenge. They handle anything that life can throw at them because they are great at taking on risky projects to make them feel alive. Their hunger for adventure and stimula­tion, their boundless energy and vital sparks give them the power and potential to make things happen.

Palmistry triangle on the bracelet

A triangle on the bracelet

The presence of any triangle in the bracelet is an indication that the person may become famous on dying in old palmistry lore. It can also indicate wealth. That you will be wealthy through a business venture. This sign in some books states that you may become famous when you alive, and that they will complete the last stage of their lives without much difficulty.