Apollo Mount

Apollo mount meaning

Apollo is the Roman god of the sun who stands for light and truth, healing and beauty, poetry and art.

The mount of Apollo is located at the base of the ring finger and is associated with all the positive attributes of the Roman god.

If the Apollo mount is of good size this denotes that the bearer is outgoing and enthusiastic, talented and creative, lively and positive. For this mount to be raised, (compared to the other mounts on the hand) means that this person will have a good sense of humor.

For the triradii to be positioned in the center of the Apollo mount means that this person is logical, versatile and has an understanding of the hidden things in life, but normally has a desire to lead others. This leadership may make this person unpopular. Your love for self-expression, beauty, and creativity may be observed in your hobbies of cooking, crafts, fashion. Those with lines going vertically downwards have a deep interest in the occult.

On turning the hand sideways if the Apollo mount is protruding outwards (compared to the other mounts) this person will possess the above qualities but to the extreme. Such a person may come across as being loud, and this person will exhibit behavior which is quite intense. This person maintains a hedonistic lifestyle. This results in burning the candle at both ends! If the mount is not well-defined this means the person lacks talent. This person may be dull and insensitive to the finer things in life. This person tends to be secretive and hate being in the spotlight, and not ready to face the outside world.

If the mount of Apollo veers toward Saturn the bearer will be creative but in a less flamboyant way. This person likes self-help books plus romance novels. Creativity is of great importance to this person. Keeping organized by either creating an epic poem or writing will keep this person occupied for many hours.

A mount of Apollo that veers toward Mercury: 

Stands for a love of art. Material success will be achieved through artistic skills. Markings on the Apollo mount: any positive markings like triangles or squares on the mount will result in material wealth for the bearer.

A square on the mount of Apollo is indicative of an improved level of protection against a bad reputation as well as the loss of property and other material possessions of individuals. There are some few cases in which one small vertical line that appears above the line of heart is indicated of good retiring life. If there are three vertical lines that are running parallel to each other, then one will be happy and wealthy in their life. Having a trident rearing towards the right means fame.

Negative markings on the Apollo mount: 

If the Apollo mount has negative markings such as islands, crosses, and grilles, there may be some misfortune, see the markings below.

By Flo Saul
Oct 30, 2012

Palmistry island on the Apollo mount

Islands On The Apollo Mount

Islands represent times that an individual will or may undergo suffering from dishonor or disgrace. They will be prone to blunders which will often lead to financial problems. It also means this person may suffer guilt over a bad affair they had.

Palmistry triangle on the Apollo mount

A Triangle On The Apollo Mount

If one has a triangle on the Apollo mount, this will mean a high level of wisdom as well as intellect. The bearer will easily avoid trouble. They will be talented in literature and this may be their main source of income.

Palmistry star on the Apollo mount

A Star On The Apollo mount

Having a star on the mount of Apollo is a sign of becoming wealthy and famous. This will mean the Apollonian energies will erupt and light up the qualities of the Apollo mount, and this will provide the subject with a high degree of recognition, as well as distinction. If the lines on the star are small the subject will have reached the peak of their profession and they will have made use of their talents in life. When the star is on both the Apollo mount and the fate lines, the owner of will be a famous personality.

Palmistry cross on the Apollo mount

A Cross On The Mount Of Apollo

The cross shows the entire mistakes and blunders that the subject has committed all through their lives. These people can make some bad decisions in life. Their foolhardiness will prevent them from becoming successful.

Palmistry cross that extends to Apollo finger

A Cross That Extends To The Apollo Finger

This will indicate unhappiness in the marital and family life of the subjects as they will have the tendency to quarrel. In some cases, the markings will indicate that one will resort to immoral ways of earning income that includes, peddling drugs, stripping, fraud, and bootlegging. Women who flirt with married men will have a cross that appears on the top part of the mount of Apollo. Such cross will be located on the top part of the mount close to the fingers; such features will also indicate that one will have the wrong life partner, or even being unfaithful to a partner in some cases. When the mount of Apollo is well developed, then the individual’s will be successful in gambling.

Palmistry circle on Apollo mount

A Circle On The Mount Of Apollo

The circle on the mount of Apollo represents misfortune. The circle is a sign of difficult times, especially if the circle touches any other mount. This circle refers to an important mark on the bearers hand, as it means that the person requires support from the family throughout life.

Palmistry square on Apollo mount

Square On The Apollo Mount

Generally a square on the Apollo means that the bearer will have good tidings. The square according to Cherio (a famous palmist) means that this is a protective quality. This person will keep the peace in conflict and can be a sign of academic success.