Palmistry Ring Finger

Also known as the apolo finger learn about what the ring finger means in palmistry

Apollo Finger

The ring finger palmistry

In palm reading, the Ring Finger is ruled by Apollo. It shows creativity, artistic flair, and love of beauty.

The creativity, artistic and appreciative of the beauty of an individual is directly proportional to the length of the finger. Exceptional artistic gifts are being shown by a bent ring finger. If it points towards finger Saturn, then it means that one has karma in metaphysics.

The ring finger can also be called the finger of Apollo. It indicates the love of a person for aesthetics, romance, arts, and emotions. The person is endowed with balanced emotions if the ring finger reaches the bottom of the nail of the middle finger in length. The Apollo finger indicates a spontaneous disposition and lack of caution if it is longer than that.

The finger shows that it is not easy for the subject to express themselves if it is very short and not able to reach the nail bottom of the middle finger. Those who have an interest in astrology also know their sun sign is Apollo. Palmistry also has a sun sign. The old name for the god of the sun which is called Apollo is used by hand reading. The Apollo finger links well with astrology and is the third or ring finger on each side. It stands for arts and music, gambling home, leisure and pleasure, affection and creativity.  Often Apollo, the god of music, was shown playing a lyre according to the first forms of astrology and mythology. He is also associated with having fun, an idea that still persists in astrology. The person is creative and artistic if the Apollo finger is longer than the Jupiter finger.

When it is the same as the Saturn finger, then the person is a good actor and singer. When the fingertip is wide, then the person is musical but if it has a thick pad underneath, the person is excellent as far as craft work, pottery, gardening; sewing, cooking, and other similar crafty works are concerned. The disadvantage of the Apollo person is that is that he lacks practicality and hanging on to money is difficult. A person may be said to have a low sense of self-esteem and depends on others for support if the Apollo finger is longer than the Jupiter finger. Such people are very creative but their creativity may not be recognized. Being clever and successful in business is among the older Sun-Apollo connections that are not taken seriously by the Western astrologers but not the Asian ones.

Astrologers give comments on creativity in conjunction with the sun not knowing that to run and to start a business is another act of creation. A substantial and long Apollo finger helps one to come up with a business or wonderful home and family including being artistic, musical, and creative in other different ways. Problems usually result if the Apollo finger is longer than the Jupiter finger. This is because the person may lack both confidence and leadership qualities. If an average finger has the same length as the Jupiter finger, then the person has self-esteem that is without selfishness and can exhibit love to others but not to the point of self-sacrifice. The person is balanced in that he is very creative, worldly wise and ambitious. The Apollo finger that is very short may lack a sense of humor and is of less interest in a family. He loses money, not influenced by views of other people, may become rich but may have problems in relationships.

The point on the hand just below this finger is termed as the amount of Apollo. The skin ridge patterns, lines, and marks show whether the person will be happy in his /her old age-they indicate that a person will reach old age. They also give information concerning the home of a person, his sense of humor and style, love of family, animals, and life in general. In astrology, this is like the sun sign. According to palmistry experts, the person is said to possess’ innate dramatic and acting ability if the shape of the ring finger is like that of a spatula. Majority of the persons with spatula ring finger have the ability to move audiences and even make them feel their emotions deeply.

A ring finger with the same length as the index finger shows a desire for wealth and recognition through artistic means as per the famous palmist and author, Cheiro. A very long ring finger just equal to the middle finger in length shows a tendency to take risks. Majority of the people with a long ring finger have a tendency of risking their assets and career. A ring finger that is extremely long acts as the mark of a reckless gambler.

The ring finger can either be straight or curve in a certain direction. A person uses his natural creative ability well if the ring finger is straight. If it curves towards the middle finger, it indicates that the person neglects his creative talents and is stuck on routine. If it curves towards the little finger, then the person undermines his creative ability consciously. The Phalanges of the Ring Finger in Palmistry: according to the belief of the palmistry practitioners, the top phalange relates to creative sensitivity. A person who has short top phalange prefer technical subjects like sciences while one with a long top phalange feels the beauty of art, poetry and writing.

The middle phalange of the ring finger is associated with a person’s intelligence to appreciate creativity and love of detail. A person who likes thinking about the possibilities of the story not considered by the author and loves to discuss plot lines and plot holes in movies and stories always tends to have a long second phalange. A person with a short second phalange do not care so much about the details of the story but they enjoy it without analyzing.

Majority of the palmistry authors argue that the bottom of the ring finger is related to creativity in the material world. The phalange shows a more materialistic approach to life it is extremely long. In most cases, the person wishes to succeed and wear fancy clothes and even buying costly things. The person values comfort and pleasure and he cannot live in a small apartment. In conclusion, the hand readers are in agreement that the ring fingers are creative. You may be surprised to see that an artist with this same trait

Apollo’s fire and acquiring fame: the apollo finger has been associated with one's ability to become famous. When it is longer than the others, the subject is most likely to become a celebrity more so in the field of creative arts. However, when it is abnormally longer than the others, it shows that the individual will be eager to get famous at whatever the cost that they may have to pay. If it is short, one will be quite quiet and seeking to shun anything that may make them popular, thus they will be working behind the scenes. If one wants to get famous and does not have a long Apollo finger, then they may be straining for no reason as it will be very hard to become famous.

The position of the ring finger: if one has fingers that have grown uniformly above the mounts, then they will be very successful in life. However, this will be quite odd and is very rare either. The rules of palmistry are that any finger that has been set below the others will lose a good amount of its power. Since the middle finger is the finger of circumstance, if the ring finger has been set below the middle one, circumstances will not allow it from cultivating fully.

You can as well predict a subject’s fate by looking at the inclination of the finger - if it inclines towards the middle one; it is a show of morbid vanity. But inclination towards the small finger is an indication of the person’s full reliance on art for income. On the other hand, there is a lot that can be learned if the fingers have got spaces at the base. One will be said to be unconventional if they have fingers that can fall off so easily, but is they are close, one is said to have stiffness ion intercourse with other people.

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