What does the number 1 mean in the bible?

I want to share with you my personal meaning of the biblical meaning of number 1. I do feel that the bible keeps us focused and cautious. There is lots of information online about angel numbers. I have written my own meaning of the angel number 1 but there is another deeper, more hidden meaning. Biblically the number 1 can suggest that ideas will suddenly come fast and thick as well as new beginnings.  

I have been studying the biblical code for many years and this has simply intrigued me. If you keep seeing number 1 then powerful things are coming your way. I want to share with you how the biblical number 1 can be a sign, a piece of evidence of divine leadership. 

For the last ten years, I have been studying biblical numbers. There is something quite amazing about how numbers can appear in our lives. In order for God, spirit and our angels to help us it is important to understand the biblical numbers.

What Does the Number 1 mean Biblically?

Gematria is the name of studying biblical numbers. Many of you have come to me to understand the biblical number significance of number one. In Hebrew it means "wonderful." Gematria is a numerological formulae where we look at the Hebrew letters that are connected to numbers. It was created by the Kabbalah. Before I move into what the biblical meaning of number 1 really means I want to share with you the basic concepts of bible numbers and our general lives. In Hebrew the number 1 is associated to this: Aleph א.

In the bible, the number 1 is a representation of one being focused and connected to a new journey ahead. The 1s and often the 8s appear in the Gematria of the bible and it is connected to Alpha in the Greek alphabet and refers to a new beginning. Something that has not yet started. Biblically the number 1 can suggest: musical octave, beginning, new start and also sacrifice. Number one in the new testament was connected to symbolizing unity and the naked truth.

God associates the number 1 with: unity of ONE spirit when it comes to his FIRST number. There are lot's of phrases within the Bible that have a specific meaning, in the book of Revelation, for example, Christ himself referred his persona to Alpha, which as I have already outlined in the Greek alphabet means number one.

Jesus said, "I am the Alpha and the Omega first and the last." I do feel this is quite important as it showed a pattern whereby Jesus associated himself with a new start even a new beginning. Additionally, the number one is only divided by itself which shows the pureness of the new start and journey ahead. Number 1 is also the number of Jesus, in that he was the firstborn. The number 1 and the first child. Scripture itself is interesting as one represents the union of both men and women.

I do feel from a biblical perspective the number one is union - to the man and woman coming together which is present in both Mark 10: 7-9 and Genesis 2:24. 

Number 1 and the bible meaning

The number 1 is connected to the 1st day of the 1st Month. In Exodus 4:22 it was mentioned that Jesus was the first-born son. If we look at the Gematria there appears to be a pattern to some of the numbers. Jesus was called reveal and there is use of the number 1. 

In the book, (one of my favourites) the bibles number code it is"

  • 111 = Wonderful
  • 111 = Son the living God
  • 1110 = Only son
  • 1110 = The blood of Jesus

These are known as Equidistant Letter Sequences and I have been curious as to how these are connected to the biblical meaning of the number 1.

What Does The Number 1 Mean Biblically?

Bible numbers are amazing there are so many numbers in the bible. The profit Zechariah wrote about the son of man, number 1. It is associated with the descriptive of Jesus and Israel's first generation in the Wilderness. Which is the Record 1:1-25:18. Within this, the first ten chapters of numbers basically tell the story of the conquest of the land. In this section God spoke to Moses (1:1. 11.) and Moses responded with obedience. These chapters were 1:1. So what does this mean? I feel that it can mean by seeing the number one we are having an evocation of the Lord's blessings on our lives. What I discovered by going into the bible is that the key numbers are more than a coincidence. Every number in the bible holds not only a quantitive meaning but a historical one too. Scripture is filled with the number ones and the Hebrew words can be connected to this. One is simple in the bible. Almost basic. The true "beginning of god" it can have a value with or without the zeros such as 1000000 or just the 1. In the book called "the Original Code in the Bible by Del Washburn. He wrote about how the number one biblically brings forward the concept of holy times. The love of God passes through us all and that numbers are connected to our life path.

What Does it Mean to See Bible Number 1 in daily life?

By seeing bible number 1 often means that spiritually you are open to new and more importantly - unforeseen situations in your life. When discussing love, the number 1 can mean that you will take the lead in a romantic relationship, the number 1 biblically can suggest it is a good time to consider new opportunities with a lover you might not normally consider.

Just like God is a number 1, so is Satan. Thus, it can mean that in every good there is a bad and vice versa. The number 1 is generally a symbolism of new beginnings. If it shows up within your life it might imply that you will capture a fascinating, unpredicted new start. What I call, a brand-new journey will bring you along a path in life. Often, I see this number connected to the tarot card “the fool” which is a number 0. This means that faith is important, you will grow due to a new practical experience.

This new experience may well be a completely new start. ​Opportunity is calling you when you keep seeing the number one! It could be time to get a new job or begin your own company, a real fresh start is the order of the day. I always feel this when the number appears over and over again. Other people may attempt to sway your thinking, or put you off or might not understand what you’re thinking, be patient with them and then try to make sure they listen to your needs - but do not let them prevent you from doing your hearts desire. In the bible, the number 1 is in many psalms and this can suggest clean new ideas, plus being reinvigorated with a sudden push from the angels. 

Biblical Number 1 is a Blessing 

In Latin, the words in the Vulgate Bible of Pslam 1 and also Psalm 112 can suggest that there is a way around wicked people. I do feel in a biblical sense, the number 1 can mean that you are moving away from having difficulty with others and that you will flourish in life if you forget the wicked ones. In the Church of Englands' book of common prayer, Psalm 1 is always said/read on the first day of the month. It starts with the blessed man. Thus, the number one is a blessing. 

What is the Advice of Seeing Bible Number 1?

There are large opportunities for improvement. Be ingenious and study your possibilities and also the new beginning that is imminent. Please don’t hesitate to take the plunge! Financially, if you take an opportunity to remember to give your very best you are going to make greater than you thought you might.

It could mean a new start, or that someone could be holding you back from finding happiness, such as love or maybe the view of yourself.  For existing partnerships, it means you will look at revolutionary ideas in that partnership. Remember, psalm 1:1 as follows: “Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.” therefore, it is saying that you need to follow your own road in life. 

Taking the time to wrap up loose ends is important. This is a great time to get your financial houses in order. If you carry any credit-debit then review these and see if you can lower your interest and banish any chaos and clutter from your house. The bible could be used as a focus for you and in particular, read the Psalms beginning with 1. Partake what is offered in moderation and make sure you know where belongings are stored and try to organize yourself correctly. If you are feeling unfulfilled in your job then this may require some adjustment, remember that biblically the number 1 is a fresh new start!

In the Bible, the first commandment is associated with “one god.” For example: ““Thou shalt have no other gods besides me.” In this, the “one god reference” is quite important. And if we think back on the start of creation God made it easy from only one rib. This indicates the number one is a cocoon almost the start of an incubation period. When God stamped the number on the rip he took part in Adam's heart, therefore using two things: the heart and the rib so that this couple would be embraced.

Summary of seeing bible number 1

The number, therefore, does not only mean independence but also quite importantly unity. Webster's dictionary outlines the Greek alphabet which uses 26 letters to which have become extinct. Alpha as I've already mentioned is related to number one. Jesus himself provided a new beginning for mankind when he was on the cross. Biblically this was a chance for a new life. A resurrection. So go for it! Here is my other article on the angel meaning of number one just Click Here

By Florance Saul
Jul 5, 2020