Your unique birth number



When you are born with the Life Path of 2, you are an exceptionally spiritual individual who tends to be one of the peacemakers in the world. Many of the strengths that you possess come from your wonderful ability to listen to others and absorb the information that comes in all around you.

You are by nature a mediator and a diplomat, you find that you can use your skills of persuasion to find a balance in any kind of frustrating or challenging situation which makes you the go to person for your friends and family when they are trying to sort out the problems in their lives. You are the counselor, the intuitive visionary. These qualities make it so that you have a lot to offer the general populace because you are the type to be a deep thinker and have a deep interest in understanding many of the mysteries of life and you are intrigued every time you learn something new so much that you become excitable easily which is another bubbling aspect of who you are.

Others find you interesting and even intriguing because of your ability to see both sides and to find the balance within all people given their particular life experiences. When some get angry, you only become introspective. You seek to understand before reacting, you are peaceful. You can see the whole viewpoint in any argument which is again, why counseling becomes such a primary role in your life in one way or another. Life coaching, therapy as well as any kind of counseling would be excellent careers for you to pursue. If you were able to develop a thicker skin so to speak as well then the role of a diplomat politically would also be a good career move for you.

You have genuine concern for others and you want the best for them, therefore sometimes you can get a little bit caught up in the tales and the drama of those around you in both your personal and professional life. This can distract you from your own personal health and well being; therefore it is important for you to be aware that you cannot heal others without first healing yourself. You cannot gain mastery over being a peacemaker if you do not find peace within yourself. Most of the time those on the Life Path of 2 don’t have a hard time balancing out all of these different aspects of their lives, but it does come up, so be aware of that for yourself.

You are tactful and have no interest in dominating conversations or groups. You tend to be the one who is the master in compromising and you never appear to demand recognition. In this it is important for you to be aware of the possible passive aggressive characteristics which also come from helping others too much. If you are not filling yourself up emotionally or spiritually and are emptying yourself out instead on others then you will find that you become overly involved in the lives of others just so that you can feel the attention that you need in order to thrive.

This is not a healthy way to exist, therefore make sure that your boundaries are strong and that you do not allow yourself to get so caught up that you believe that your only use in life IS as that counselor. You have many other amazing traits that make you who you are, and you do not need to hide behind the simple, albeit wonderful, trait of the peacemaker.

By Florance Saul
Apr 3, 2012