Your unique birth number


Twenty Two

If you were born under the Life Path of 22 then you were born in the rarest as well as the most powerful and potentially abundant and prosperous times possible in human creation.

Those that were born under this sign are extremely successful in every endeavor which they choose to take on. If this was the Tarot, you would be the Wheel of Fortune because luck is all around you and you live a blessed life where the more chances you take the more odds are in your favor.

Because this number is as rare as it is, it is known to be subject to what are called ‘extremes.’ This means that your life’s work is going to be to find balance between one extreme thing or time in your life and the next. You could have the potential to be a famous ballet dancer which changes the art of dance forever or you could choose to become completely insignificant. It all depends on the way that you look at your current situation.

The energies that surround you are clear however, that anything that you want, you can get if you try. And you don’t even have to try as hard as other people would have to try to be successful. All you have to do is direct all of your manifestation desires to the forefront of your mind and then shoot that goal with all of your desires like it was a laser. Do this over and over again until you have what you want at your disposal.

For much of your life, you walk gently as if you are trying to feel it all out before making any real commitment. This is like someone who hasn’t been out for a swim all winter, but the summer has finally come yet they find themselves hesitant to get into the water.

So they slowly dip themselves in, one toe at a time. This is how your life has been up until about mid life when suddenly you will find yourself catapulted into a level of abundance unseen before if you have been pointing your focus in the direction of pure abundance. You are an idealist, full of vision. You inspire others to join you in your idealism, in your dreaming mind, in potential. This is a beautiful part of who you are which should be embraced.

Throughout your life you are going to have to allow yourself to evolve, to bend and change and embrace what comes as you do so. You need to be able to adapt to the challenges which present themselves to you so that you can learn how to keep your vision pure even though you may feel shot down.

You are practical even in your visionary work, which makes politics and matters of business come naturally to you and you have capable of having common sense as well as seeing the beauty of the world all around you.

Despite the prosperous nature of the 22, this is also one of the harder signs to become motivated. It is not easy knowing that you can just up and do whatever you want. This may seem silly to those who have to make a significant effort.

But we all have to deal with a lack of motivation or a feeling of stagnation or dormancy. 22’s are not separate from this aspect of life either. It is important for you, as a 22, to push aside the feeling of lackluster and push yourself to do what you want to do so that you may reach your great potential.

By Florance Saul
Mar 4, 2017