Your unique birth number



When you were born under the Life Path of 3 you were born with a tremendous creative nature and with fantastic communication skills. Gaining achievement of your goals and ideals is extremely important to you as is expressing yourself fully in all ways.

A 3 who is highly evolved is able to rocket through all of the most difficult skills involving words, such as writing, speaking, and acting. Threes tend to be the enjoyable entertainers of the world, the clowns, who are bright with sparkling optimism.

These individuals focus on harmony, pleasure, beauty and the sharing of these things with the world. As a 3 you are capable of creating self-expression in everything that you do and you attach to spiritual meaning to it and desire greatly to be connected to all things in this world.  Because of this you tend to attempt to live life to the fullest, without really worrying about tomorrow.

You tend to have a bit of trouble handling money as a result because you tend to just not care. You have other things to focus on and money is not what rules your life. The adventure, the chase, the understanding of all things. These are the concepts which run your perspective. You tend to spend the money when you have it and just don’t think about it when you do not have it. ‘It will come back around,’ you think, and that suits you just fine.

You enjoy connecting with other people, as they represent all that is vibrant and vital to your soul. Every person has something different to offer and that is exciting. Others find you to be warm and friendly, social and honest. You tend to be a good public speaker as well as an excellent listener. Others enjoy listening to the tales that you tell because they find you genuinely entertaining and personable. You are an openhearted person who is happy to be around others in order to gain further inspiration. In this case you tend to surround yourself with the artists, musicians and performers of the world and likely dabble in each of these elements as well as your attention span sees fit.

Despite the extroverted nature of the 3, they can be rather introverted when they have been hurt. They tend to retreat for long periods of time just to stay away from the people who have wounded them. However when they come through it they tend to be even brighter after the fact because they are resilient characters and they simply cannot be held down for very long. Because of you own ability to feel pain deeply; you are extra careful and compassionate to those around you so that you aren’t the one doing the hurting. You believe that everyone has a right to exist and that we each matter in our own unique ways.

In the same instance, 3’s tend to be loyal lovers who, when hurt tend to stay hurt for quite some time. Most emotionally charged situations affect the 3 for quite a while, and it is always a sad thing to see because they are usually so happy. Others find themselves to be quite protective of the 3, almost because they represent this innocent, joyous part of ourselves that many of us choose not to express.

But balance in relationships especially for the 3’s is a difficult thing to find because they are constantly pursuing the enjoyable things in life and can at points ignore the negative so much that they refuse to handle problems. If you need help from a three, it is best to outright ask them, because their tendency to care and to listen will overcome their desire to flee onto the next thing and that will help them to stay focused long enough to find an excellently creative solution to any problem.

By Florance Saul
Apr 3, 2012