Your unique birth number



Being born of the number 10 is considered a lucky sign.

On one hand, the number falls back to the meaning of 1 (10 = 1+0 = 1) which indicates a person who is one that is destined for greatness, a born leader.

You may want to read the number one in addition to this number reading because the influence of that number is definitely there.

Consider the numerical significance of the number 10 similar to that as one who is born on the dead cusp between two astrological signs. You will have dual meanings within your numerology. For the 10 aspect of your numerology, this represents that you are intuitive and naturally inclined to explore the world.

Those born under the number 10 are inherently in tune with the world around them and they understand what tasks need to be done without much direction. Some would call this trait a “go-getter”. However, you may be active in the mind and have a hard time starting a project.

The downside of 10 is that they are usually open emphatically, literally understanding the world around them because they feel so much of it. It has been said that those born under this number are “blessed with love and light” as this is also the number that represents this popular occult expression.

Your numerology shows that you are inspirational and intelligent. The blessing of this number though also comes with more challenges than average. This could be because there are aspects of your life that come easier to you than others.

Yours is a brain that can comprehend both mathematics and logic along with more creative methods of expression such as art or writing. People under this number have a sense of justice and a strong moral code. This means that they generally make good leaders and are often looked towards to begin a charge. You will find 10 personalities throughout the ranks of social conscious warriors, popular politicians and even locally as administration in public works positions.

The challenge presented by the number 10 is that of manifestation. As a person, you are going to be challenged in your life. Most 10s will rise to the occasion because of their natural active vibrations allow them to remain in motion without being bogged down by stress. They can have difficulties with anxiety or depression though.

Because you feel the world strongly and your mind is always active, you can be fickle in your efforts. Be mindful about selecting the things in your life that you want to do. Those that are pushed a certain direction in life will often rebel. Conforming will not be an easy lesson for you but it will be one that is good. You will need support and the help from others. You have big goals in mind for your life and you want to be in the lead role. This is good if you take charge, but be careful about alienating others with arrogance.


Using Your Birthday to Learn About Your Numerology


One of the core traits of numerology is that it can decipher the real you by breaking your being down to a few numbers. One strong indicator of your true personality is your birthday sequence. Your birthday is made up of eight numbers.

  • Two digits for the month (ex. December = 12)
  • Two digits for the day (ex. 06 or 15)
  • Four digits for the year (1900 or 2000)


Calculating Your Birthday Sequence

To calculate your birthday numerology sequence, you simply add all of the numbers together, then add the remaining numbers together digit by digit until you have a single digit remaining.

So, May 24, 1982 will turn into:





Birthday Sequence is 4

The birthday breaks down into a 4, a single digit. You now have your birthday sequence and you can now look up with that number means specifically. From here, you can determine the outward influences, sort of how you would interpret the sun sign of someone’s astrology. This number keys you in to a broad scope of a person and can indicate outward personalities, characteristics or habits that may be present.

Making Exceptions for Number 10

The one exception to numerology rests with the number 10. Birthdays that break down to 10 can be interpreted as a 10, a double digit. This is because 10 has it’s own meaning. However, if you add the numbers together, it also represents the number 1. For this reason, if you find someone that has a birthday that breaks down into a 10, it is a good idea to look at both numbers, considering that 10 corresponsence meanings will be the broad scope of the person, but you can learn more about them by seeing how the number 1 also directly influences.

Now, let’s take a look at a 10 example. So, for example, December 06, 1980 will turn into:





One you break this number down, you get the 1. People that have the number 10 for their birthday sequence are considered blessed and tend to naturally have good luck.

Other Ways to Use Your Birthday for Numerology

While you add the numbers to find the numerology for your personality, there is still a lot that can be done with your complete birthday to give you a more detailed view of the self. Your birthday sequence is a broad stroke view of your traits. However, you can also calculate your birth group and specific day meanings by combining of numbers for just the month and day of your birth.

Your birth group is represented by single digits only. You will add the numbers together and reduce them to a single number (1-9) as you would when you included the year. This time it will look more like:

May, 24 – 05, 24

0+5+2+4 = 11

1+1 = 2

Birth Group is 2

Your birth group number can tell you whether you are passive or assertive and will define the areas of your life that reflect how you interact with the world. When you read the number, keep in mind how you apply the knowledge of the number, that the traits of the number are more likely to be represented internally and you may not see the outward influence. When considering birth groups, know that all odd numbers are considered masculine and assertive. These are active numbers that show an individual as extroverted in some way. The even numbers are feminine and considered passive, indicating introversion and traits that are even more hidden.


Calculate Your Birth Numbers and Find Out More About Yourself (or others!)

Numerology is a simple way to get to know someone and learn about traits that they may not reveal right away. Calculate your number and see what the descriptions tell about you.

By Florance Saul
Apr 3, 2012