Your unique birth number



When you are born in the Life Path of 7 you are the type of person who is very interested in analysis as well as investigation. You tend to have an ability to observe and approach a situation where you are thinking outside of the box like no other.

You are a perfectionist who tends to desire for others to meet your high standards of living and performance. You tend to be a peaceful and affectionate person who is able to create relationships which are long lasting. You are a very funny person who is also known for their charm and flair for the dramatic as well as big gestures of romance and friendship. You take time to warm up to new people but when you do they hold fast to you and you to them for the rest of your life if you can manage it. You prefer having others around you who are loving as well as trustworthy because when you run into someone who is not trustworthy it tends to take you a long time to get over it because you give so much and you love so deeply as well as intrinsically.

Even with your desire to make many friends you tend to be somewhat exclusive about how you go about it. You wait a long time in a sense for others to come around and meet your unpronounced expectations which does make it a bit harder for you to get close to people.

It makes sense to behave in such a way because you are just not the type to waste your time so to speak on those that are going to be wasteful of your time and energy. Sometimes other people consider you reserved because you are an aloof kind of person, but this isn’t true. You just tend to take the time that you need to observe the people around you so you can kind of pick and choose who is a potential good friend and who is just interesting to watch. You do get hurt when others consider that you are cold, but this is just how you are made and there is nothing wrong with you. You are just not a joiner.

You just need to be aware that it is important for you to allow yourself to open up to others if you start to become too introverted and then you will live a happy life. You need to attract others who are like you, intellectuals who are studious and who analyze the ways of the world around them.

You enjoy being around others who question authority and question the way of things until after you have taken it apart to determine what is the best way of being as well as the most efficient. You do not like to be around people who you think are cowardly, noisy are who attempt to distract or even to cause confusion in your life and the lives of others.

The main strength of those born under the number 7 is that they have a way of thinking that is deeper than others which causes you to ponder the great and important spiritual things in this world which has propelled you to take a significant interest in those things that are somewhat out of the ordinary or even bizarre. Even so you tend to be a stable individual and random change is not really on your list of ways to behave. Random is not pragmatic and pragmatism is how you live life.

By Florance Saul
Apr 3, 2012