Your unique birth number



What does being a number one mean in numerology?

If you were born as a Number 1 then you can expect to be a natural born leader. It is not something that others have made you into; this trait is something that you have claimed all on your own. In fact, as a child it is likely that your parents watched you ordering around or helping the other kids in the neighborhood.

You just tend to have the right idea about things and you find it is important to make your own level of freedom in life and you do not let anyone get in your way once you have a plan. You tend to be the person who protects and cares for the individuals that you love and those in your household. And others look to you to help and take care of them as well.

You probably have attracted a lot of people who need care but you don’t mind because you enjoy providing that level of help to others, and you enjoy the responsibility that it gives you. You tend to get frustrated as well when others are trying to domineer over you because that tends to feel wrong and thus rub you the wrong way.

You find value in being in control. You also tend to stand out from others in a crowd and relish in this energy so much that it not be out of the ordinary for you to play in some kind of role in acting or singing or some other role that puts you into the view of the general public. You are a creative person and slightly odd as some would say, but this kind of oddity that you possess tends to be exactly what draws others to you because you manage to hold yourself so well.

Because you care a lot about the status that you hold in life you can at points become impatient not only with your own shortcomings (which are normal) but also the shortcomings of others. No one is perfect and we can’t all do the right thing all of the time, this is a key lesson for your number because if you think you are perfect all of the time then you are not actually going to be able to learn the valuable life lessons that are presented to you.

Everyone has room to improve, you included. Sometimes when you don’t realize that you are in the middle of learning a lesson you can become kind of selfish so it is important for you to keep an eye on that unbecoming character trait. You need to let others help you so that you can learn what it is like to both be the compassionate person as well as to be cared for.

This is not an easy lesson for you especially since you feel that you are right all of the time and there aren’t many others in your mind who can give the appropriate care or who are capable of actually helping you. You have said to yourself more than once, ‘They are just creating more work for me,’ when someone was trying to help you. The point is not to pay attention to the level of care that you receive or the help, but to allow yourself to let go of the control that you feel that you have so that you can be vulnerable. Vulnerability is an important character trait to have because it teaches humbleness.

By Florance Saul
Apr 3, 2012