Your unique birth number



When you were born with the Life Path of 4 you will find that you tend to have a natural ability to plan as well as fix things and build.

You have this practical ability to inspire with the excellence of your mind. You are one of the most trustworthy individuals in most of your friends and family’s lives as well as down to earth. Many know they can come to you if they need help making something work or if they need to be able to trust someone who is not going to betray them in any way. In this you provide others with a level of comfort and security that is worthwhile.

You tend to be a builder of society, someone who put the building blocks of your community together. You are a mover and a shaker. You find what bothers you and what bothers others and then you instigate change by creating plans that others can learn and then implement as well. You tend to be able to create plans that are grandiose and somewhat overwhelming but you have the common sense and know-how to make it all work and you do, which attracts much in the way of fame to you.

Others see you for what you are capable of and stand in awe. You inspire others to use their minds and to aspire toward bigger and better things. And even though your nature is somewhat idealistic, you tend to be able to be grounded and practical which sets you apart from others.  

You have a kind of will power that can at times appear to be somewhat stubborn when you are going through a funk or a bad time. You have a tendency to get kind of obsessive to the details of the work that you are attempting to complete and this can be challenging because not everything can go according to a plan.

Therefore there is something to be learned from letting go a little and letting some random things happen from time to time just so that you do not become a stress case.

You are the type of person to write a "to do list" and work it so that each and every thing on it has to be done or you won’t be able to go to bed at night. And while of course, accomplishing the goals one has set out to do is a good thing, one must also make sure not to utterly destroy oneself in the process.

This is the type of person who at points could use a little bit of therapy on being what is known as slightly obsessive compulsive. Usually people who are a little bit OCD tend to have the most amazing ideas and do so very much for themselves and for others, but they need to learn how to handle that in a healthy and productive way.

Regardless of the level of OCD that you need to work through every day you tend to be the one who operates best when you are under some kind of pressure, and that is also just fine, you just might need to learn a little bit about slowing down and seeing what life is like when you take a rest now and again.

By Florance Saul
Apr 3, 2012