Your unique birth number



When you are born within the Life Path of 5 you are a very progressive and relaxed individual who is very capable of making large efforts to cause the world to be a better place. The way that you accomplish this is by utilizing all of the freedom that you have in your life and in this pursuit you find the natural world happy, adventurous and rejuvenating. You have a worldly perspective which advances your thinking processes very much.

You tend to be the type of person who pursues the knowledge that life has to offer and then asks more and more questions. You desire to be completely free from restraint but you manage to be productive in your pursuit of freedom in life. Some with similar characteristics might be so random that they cannot pay their bills and the like, but that is not how you are. You are a more organized adventurer.

You recognize the changing nature of things in this world and that knowledge fulfills you. You are a very compassionate person and you have a respect and a love for humanity as a whole, therefore you tend to be one of the individuals fighting for massive change in the world so that all might find happiness in freedom, no matter where they are in this world.

You are a motivator and you help others who are stuck in their stagnant, dormant place in life break out of it and become the active people which they desire to be. You tend to be a kind of salesman type because you know what people want and you try to help them get it, in this others would say that you are very fast on the uptake and you have a quick way of thinking and responding to others.  

You cannot stand boring work or routine that is not meaningful which makes it hard for you to hold down any kind of monotonous work no matter how much you may need the money. But you manage to find other ways to bring money in that pushes you forward in your creativity and makes you happy while also making a buck. Working with people is where your skills are, and if you continue to work in this kind of industry you will go far. You might even consider adding travel into your career as that will definitely help you the most. You are a risk taker, and highly romantic but you do not like to be tied down which makes having any kind of commitment with someone else kind of challenging which has been difficult for you in your love life. You almost feel as though you have no control over this section of your life because it has always been this way. However if you take just a little bit of time examining what life would be like in a little bit of commitment you might find that there is adventure there still that you just haven’t been able to experience yet. If you treat all that is new in the same way that you would in acquiring a relationship you would find that the world is full of adventure even in commitment.

By Florance Saul
Apr 3, 2012