The Zebra is an animal totem is a sign things in life are going to be black and white.

This is an animal that possess exceptional survival ability, even in a harsh environment. To meet a zebra in one's meditation is associated with exercising power on others.

If this is your totem animal the association with the colors black and white enables you to balance and possess the ability to dig deeper in search for truth. The animal also symbolizes happiness in life. Connection with others and weakness.

This animal totem can urge you to bring out the best in your personality. It also welcomes change, this totem will help you adapt to changes in life. The idea of surviving in a relationship is indicated. The Zebra also suggests helping others by being kind to people around you.

Change here means growth. The positive outlook for change leads the person to be guided to take on challenges and not defying the opportunity to grow. Call to the power of the Zebra and you will be taught to learn your way out of a difficult situation, enabling you to withstand any challenge that may come along.

If we look at the ability of the zebra, this animal lives with agility. The black and white stripe is an arm to protect the animal from being easy prey. Their predators cannot easily identify animals in the herd but the zebra has the ability to keep up their individuality within a group. They keep a unique pattern to identifying each other within the heard.

They possess the ability to only see black and white and not color. This animal symbolizes balance and agility. The zebra can further symbolize firmness and confidence. Despite being mixed up with the crowd, you will still be able to stand alone and live up to your identity.

This can be translated into being a community member who has a strong sense of being supportive to the world. They never fear, with agility and speed they take all possibilities of protecting one another from danger. Having this animal totem for guidance means one will passionately protect loved ones – family and friends

Curiosity is a hidden quality of those that have this animal as their totem. People who have this totem animal as their guide are imaginative and understand and question the world. They believe we all live under an illusion, thinking beyond what is seen and unseen.

This gives them the belief that you will not always get what you want. This leads you to see beyond others - what your naked eyes see.

Self-confidence exudes from a person with the Zebra as their animal totem. Beyond all odds, they resort to expand their consciousness and exert effort to get past any challenge.

When you come across the Zebra animal totem, live strong, with trust and confidence.

Zebra shows as a spirit guide when

  • When you need to renew your self confidence.
  • When someone in your family needs a support.
  • Seeking for answers.
  • Seeking for a greater wisdom.
  • You are facing a tough challenge in your life.

Call on zebra as a spirit guide when

  • Your self-esteem is currently at its lowest point.
  • You are undergoing a family problem.
  • So many questions are lingering your mind.
  • You need to keep an open mind.
  • You need support from your loved ones.

By Florance Saul
Mar 25, 2013