Yes or No love spell

Yes or no love spell

Before carrying out any spell consult the tarot cards and pull out one card for guidance.

Meditate on this card for five minutes. This is a simple but powerful spell to find out if someone loves you. Sometimes it is a difficult to know if someone loves you or not. This spell is an easy way to ask for spirit guidance to discover the truth.

You need the following: Two beeswax candles - pink, lilac or plain white, a set of car keys plus olive oil or psychic vision oil.

To discover if someone loves you carry out the following...

  • Take two beeswax candles, one pink to represent love and one lilac to represent spiritual guidance.
  • The keys of your car represent driving yourself to your lover.
  • Take your car keys an carve a large "yes" on the pink candle.
  • With the car keys carve a large "No" on the other colored candle.
  • On top of the yes carve the following: <name of person:> loves me not on the lilac candle
  • On top of the no carve the following: <name of person> loves me
  • Set alight the two candles (at the same time) and put things you feel are appropriate between them.
  • In the picture I felt like having two glass birds which represented freedom to love and a pink rose to represent possible love.

While the candle burns ask the question, trying to focus on either answer. Put both the candle's together and then ask out loud your question. Leave them to both burn.

The candle that goes out last is the answer to your question.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2012