Yellow - Colour Therapy

Yellow Colour Therapy

The color of the sun, yellow signifies happiness in life.

Yellow in color therapy is connected to how we relate to other people. According to physics, yellow is the color that one sees when they see a light that has a wavelength of 570-580nm.

The complementary color of yellow is violet. From a philosophical point of view, yellow is related to the chakra that is situated under the ribs, and that is known as the solar plexus chakra. The organs associated with this chakra are the liver, the stomach and the small intestine. On a spiritual level, this chakra relates to how we perceive ourselves and how much we value ourselves.

The yellow color influences us in a number of beneficial ways. The positive aspects of the yellow color are: it signifies happiness, it is a powerful stimulus for the human mind, and it helps one to concentrate, it amplifies brain activity, it helps us feel in shape, it improves digestion, it stimulates the lymphatic system, and also helps to focus and gain better self control.

Considering these facts, it is thought that the color yellow can be used against diseases such as: liver diseases, digestion problems, skin diseases, and diabetes. Yellow is also known to have positive effects on muscles, fortifying them.

Yellow can also have a positive effect on the stool, so people who experience problems in this area may be influenced in a good way.   It is not recommended to febrile states, cardiac palpitations or acute inflammations.

It is considered to be the happiest color in the whole color spectrum, and to be a stimulus for positive feelings like optimism, daring and kind generosity. Yellow can encourage communication.

One of the reasons is that yellow is considered such a happy color is that it is the same color as the sun, and for a long time humanity worshiped the sun, because it is life-giving.

Around the globe, yellow is associated with a large number of interesting facts: in China, yellow is the color of earth and center (when it comes to directions); in India, it is the color of farmers, and the color they wear to the spring festival. In Japan, yellow is known as the color of brave and courageous people.

In France, yellow represents jealousy and in Greece it represents sadness. In Christianity this color represents greed, possibly because it is the color of gold coins.  So we see that in different cultures, this color can mean a lot of different things.

If you drive a yellow car, people will most likely see you as a happy, intelligent, warm person, but also as one who is willing to pay enough for good services. In fashion terms, yellow is a color preferred by many, but not always easy to combine, and it is known as a trend that comes and goes.

So, if you are a lively person, full of joy and happiness, or you want to improve your general state of mind, or health, according to color healing therapy, yellow will be a big help!

By Florance Saul
Feb 12, 2013