Yellow Candle Spells

Yellow candle spells

Firstly, you maybe here because you wish to understand what candle color to use.

Yellow is associated with personal power.

It is used for unblocking work and gain confidence in life. Yellow is used for gaining money (gold) to offer attraction of the opposite sex and to command happiness and peace in one’s life. Here is a home cleaning spell using yellow candles.

House Cleansing Spell

Moving into a home, spring cleaning, or clearing out negativity are all important tasks to complete when dealing with a sacred space that you live in. This spell is good for clearing out old and stagnant energy and can create a warm and loving home environment.

This spell is not for ridding a home of spirits… that requires more than a simple candle spell. This is for clearing out negativity or resetting the workings of a home. It is ideal to do with a new home or when someone moves into a place with you (such as with a new relationship or room mate). This spell can also clear the air in the spring after the dark and winter times of the year.

What you need:

  • A yellow 7 day candle
  • A copper basket for the candle
  • A sage bundle
  • A feather

First clear the home of any negativity by opening all doors and windows. Light the sage and call out loudly:

“This is my home and a blessing to me. This is my home and I love to be here. I want for happiness, peace, and love to fill these walls. All negativity is to be cleared and this house will be clean!”

Waft the sage smoke around the home paying special attention to the doors, windows, walls, and entryways. Use the feather to direct the sage.

At the main door to the home make a star with the sage and say:

“At this door only welcome guests and family may enter. Unwanted entities shall not pass. My home is my place of safety and all those that wish harm shall not enter here.”

Continue to spread the sage around the home until you feel that the negative energy of your home has left. Place the sage on a plate in a safe place and it will go out on it’s own. You can also smudge it out as you would a cigar.

Now, light the candle and leave it in a main area of your home. Make sure to put it in the copper basket. When you light the candle say:

“May this light illuminate peace and happiness within my home. May this light protect those who live here. Our home is our sanctuary and (names of people living in the home) will live here in harmony. Negativity and destruction be gone, there is no place for you here. So mote it be!”

Allow the candle to burn for the 7 days. As you pass by it each day say a silent blessing or thank you for your home and the love and happiness within. Use the candle as an affirmation of love, joy, and happiness in your home.

By Florance Saul
Nov 13, 2012