Working with animal totem - Tips on Knowing Your Totem Animals

Working with animal totem - Tips on Knowing Your Totem Animals

This article deals with how one can improve on the basics of harnessing and understanding the vast area of animal energy.

The idea is to make the identification of animal totems much more defined and how one should interact with that totem.

Walking through this new dimension of knowledge, a student will be able to get a new form of knowledge about animal powers, shamans, totems, and the meaning of their symbols. This should be a particular period where one gets to know the larger aspects of these subjects and where one can experience a huge sense of renewal.

I think the best thing for you to learn right now is self-direction can be your best guide. It will be your own judgment and “instincts” which will lead you to the right path. Do not doubt what your inner self is telling you as it will most likely be telling you the truth.

Here are a few simple guides on how you could know your animal totem:

Find time for peace and quietness

The greater part of the animal kingdom exists through what we call “living in the moment.” This calls for a state of being in a very simple and peaceful existence. If what you are aiming for is an extension of your knowledge concerning animal wisdom, it would only be needful that we exist in the same pace that they are living their lives. Whatever term you wish to name it such as meditation or a present-in-the-moment experience, live in such a way that you will be “existing” in cadence with the animal kingdom. This simple act has a mysterious reaction to the human brain which brings us a lot closer to our “animal side.”

Empty your Mind

Just as we need to remove the contents of a jar in order for it to be filled again, so do we also need ourselves to be emptied out of our previous convictions in order for new knowledge to enter. The study of animal energy will require a lot of growth and it needs that room for growth. This can only happen if our inner self has room enough for this knowledge. This is very important since we can only interact with our animal counterparts if the environment within us creates a habitable home for them. Remove previous convictions, opinions, judgments, personal confusions and disagreements and you will be able to nurture the values and knowledge that is characteristic of your animal totem.


Your encounter with your animal counterpart can occur either as a gradually through a moment of silence or through a violent interaction. When the animal totem manifests itself to you through your energy levels, try to add more knowledge concerning that animal. If you wish to live your life under the guidance of your animal totem, you will need to spend a lot of energy nourishing it. One way of which is to study more about them. Knowledge has a lot of medium and this is not limited only to books and other print media, there is also learning through direct observation and watching documentaries and TV shows about them. Learn their way of life – their homes, type of food, mating, and actions will teach you many things. Studying them will take a lot of investment from you but it will enhance your connections to this animal and will bring you much more intimate with your animal totem.

Observe and Meditate

Living through your totems will require more than 90% of your activities to be about observing. You will need to observe the different animals around you, of yourself, of the new senses that you will derive by being in contact with your animal counterpart. Seeing how this interaction allows you to grow and mature as time passes by. As you become more skilled in observing these things, the more definite will be your identification of this animal totem.

By Flo Saul
Mar 23, 2013