Working with animal totem - Identifying

Working with animal totem - Identifying

You will be able to identify which is your animal totem through a lot of different ways.

There are as plenty of methodology just as there are many beliefs which are attached to such symbols.

If you are looking for the particular animal symbol that will suit you best, you may end up more confused than when you began. This is due to the fact that there is no one fixed and standard method through which you will be able to arrive at your own personal totem.

But this should not dishearten you from even starting the process at all.

In this article, you will be taught how to find your own animal totem by providing you with a simple guide and example. You will also learn how to find the right totem which will best reflect the type of personality that you have as well as how you should work with them.

According to the Native Americans, you will be able to learn about your animal totem by careful observation of nature, meditative thinking, or through the medium of your dreams.

This can be compared to other ancient civilizations that also look for their animals symbols based on the same procedures.

The most important thing however, about finding your personal animal totem is to just let yourself find its own peace and allow your mind to rest. The process is a very personal event and so, you cannot say that you are making the right or wrong choice.

The whole process of totem identification can only take place when you are ready at your deepest level. It is only when you are in touch and aware of your innermost, spiritual self that you will be able to relax and endure the whole event.

You must know the virtues and characteristics of this particular animal that you will be drawn to and you should understand how these traits are related to who you are and what you are really like deep inside of you.

Having known the basic techniques, you should now be ready to do the next steps in determining which animal you share a similarity of spirit with. The following are basically suggestions and in the end, it will be your sole decision which would identify the totem to you.

Here are some directions which may be of help in finding your animal totem identification.

Functioning With Animal Totems:

This needs enhancing your skills in animal identification through the processes of dreams and deep meditation. You will have to develop a technique which is comprised of many steps that will lead to your animal totem identification.

Views on Animal Totem Identification:

Learn how to identify your animal totem through keen observation and deep thinking. Also learn how our ancients were able to find their own animal totems.

Deriving Meanings through Animal Tracks:

Learn how you will find your animal totem by reading animal tracks that you come across with.

Quick Guides to Identifying Your Totem Animals:

Read relevant books with helpful information on how you will be able to integrate your animal totem with your own personality.

Animal Chakra Symbolism:

The Chakra animal symbols are a more effective method of finding hidden meanings which can help us learn more about ourselves and also gain a deeper understanding of life.

By Flo Saul
Mar 23, 2013