Woodpecker Animal Totem

Woodpecker Animal Totem

When you happen to see an image of a Woodpecker what does it mean to you?

While some may think of the old cartoon of Woody Woodpecker, others may think of the bird in their natural environment.

Both figures are symbols of determination. If you will try to look into its animal symbolism, the image of the woodpecker also means having heightened level of awareness.

To have this bird as your animal totem means that a basket of opportunity is at hand or probably at your doorstep. While this bird is pecking on wood, the sound seems like a knock. This reminds us of an old saying that whenever opportunity knocks, open the door.

This bird considers that every tree could provide them food and shelter for their young ones. Take a look at a woodpecker while hammering his beak and head against a tree to maximize the benefits that they can have after making a hole into the tree.

This action sends signifies the need to find your own home, foundation, or foothold within your environment. However difficult or impossible it is, if you will use your head wise enough, you will succeed.

Even at dead trees, woodpeckers knock since they see them as a haven for their survival as well. This tells you to recall any incidents in life when you have already given up because of losing hope and try to relive the spirit of possible success.

Who knows, the woodpecker tells you to move forward until you reaches the desired outcome.

Animal symbolism for woodpecker was already believed to contribute a lot in human life even way back time and in different culture. Renowned psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung believed in that a woodpecker symbolizes determination to return to the womb, or an origin.

This is associated with the present desire to use your strength and intellectual ability to follow with the set of plans or direction in our life. In mythology like those of the Romans, claiming for woodpecker as animal totem gives you energy and initiative since it is being linked to the planet Mars.

In Zodiacal signs, born in Aries zodiac sign draws zebra as the totem since Mars is the ruling planet for Aries.

While in Native North America, woodpecker means “protector of mankind” as manifested in their awesome way of nestling and seeking out a home with the available trees or wood that they can find.

This bird is also identified into an identity of a prophet because of its ability to send off message in knocking or as they peck on a tree which is a sort of communication to their kin.

It is also in this premise of knocking or pecking which seems like drumming that makes this bird a sign of battle and victory.

In its physical characteristic, the woodpecker possesses narrow tongue which aids them for their survival as they can pick foods even in narrow places.

This gives us the idea that seeing a woodpecker means the initiative to survive and let others survive by providing a loving protection coupled with persistence that a task never ends until you able to see the progress of one’s effort until accomplishing the desired goal.

When a woodpecker knocks into your thought, it calls for – rekindling and knowing the truth of our origin, respect ideas, provide protection from predators, be innovative and full of initiative to pass through all the hardships in life, learn to be open, widen the horizons, welcome opportunities, and learn to listen.

Woodpecker shows up as a spirit guide when

  • Searching for stability in your life.
  • You find yourself challenged with routine and need guidance.
  • You need protection in a loving environment.
  • You are trying to find persistence or determination to make it through a difficult change in your life.
  • Opportunity is around the corner.

Call on a Woodpecker as a spirit guide when

  • You seek creative influence for new solutions.
  • You need a bit of luck on your side.
  • You need to be more open to opportunities in your life.
  • You are seeking a new home.
  • You are going through a difficult financial time.

By Flo Saul
Jan 27, 2013