Wood Thrush

Wood Thrush

The basic elements of the earth are fire, water, air and land. Animals are classified into these elements.

Birds are connected to the element of air, because they fly in the sky. An animal’s symbolism is also linked with the element of water and land.

In meditation, the human mind is connected with the element of air, this it is not astonishing that the wood thrush is a faithful animal totem.If you see a wood thrush outside, either in a garden or a wood, this may be your call to meditate on this animal totem.

To connect with the bird, focus on its features to see what message it will bring.

Birds are messengers of the air which provide focus. The hidden message of this animal totem is to be aware, raise your intellect, power and regard in life.

When a bird comes to our home, or garden, it gives us a message – it is time to connect to nature. It’s hardly surprising that many people that connect with this animal totem will be given advice on survival also how to move forward in life, successfully.

It may be time to confide in the wood thrush when one is having problems. The wood thrush will give sympathy and help achieve the dreams of its follows. It either gives us an awareness or gives us a pattern of achievement’s in life.

A bird such as the wood thrush normally means that one requires a message from their spirit guide.

Depending upon the environment in which this bird prevails in our life, we can choose for the wood thrush to be part of our spirit guides.

The wood thrush has a pleasant voice and they sing their own song. It reflects in that we should always speak the truth and that we must be more concerned about what is communicated through speech.

We should focus on our own speech and must be aware of words and how they affect other people. When the wood thrush comes near our home, or looks at us from the window, we see the wood through the reflection of window since glasses are reflective in nature.

It teaches us that we should connect ourselves to our inner mind which is the reflection of our soul. Our inner mind will give us an idea about what is right and what is wrong and it will guide us in the right way. One’s reflection gives encouragement to one’s life to make a desire and proceed forward in their life.

Wood thrush is a symbol of good relationships. It appears in one’s life when they are going to engage in long time relationship which never breaks down at any cost. Wood thrush will live with only one partner throughout its life time.

They teach us how to live a life in monogamy. They are devotee to their partner. Wood thrush is closely related to our partnership and they give us a message that we should follow our partner and we should never leave them at any cost.

Wood thrush reflects our partnership. They are committed to long time partnership.

The wood thrush strives hard to protect its family. They live in a flock and they check if an area is safe, if not, they change their territory.

The wood thrush protects itself by performing aggressive tactics such as nose diving, making loud and harsh sounds, including breathing through their chest.

A wood thrush is connected to our family’s relationship – suggesting that we must maintain a long-term relationship.

A wood thrush shows as one’s spirit guide when

  • We are no longer thinking of someone feelings.
  • We are losing the desire to go on.
  • We want to stay faithful to our partners.
  • We find it hard to accept criticism.
  • They are protecting our family financially.

Call on Wood thrush as a spirit guide when

  • Someone is being rude .
  • We need a push or a jolt to continue our journey.
  • We want to be committed to a long-term relationship.
  • We want to improve ourselves.
  • We are seeking greener pasture.

By Flo Saul
Mar 26, 2013