A wolf animal totem is often called upon when one needs protection.

The Wolf has been misinterpreted as a creature associated with demons and plagues instead of its chivalrous traits.

Contrary to the belief that the wolf is a ferocious animal the wolf is a picture of loyalty and power.  Another wrong impression for a totem animal is the "lone wolf" who lives independently, opposite of what most of us believe, the wolf is indeed a friendly creature, convivial and outgoing.

The wolf is also articulate with its feelings, it makes a move when its frightened, a howl to pronounce its authority, it can make this gesture which is understood by other animals.  Having a wolf as your totem animal makes you outspoken, grandiloquent, and great at creative writings.

The wolf normally appears when there are areas of one’s life that require attention. The wolf is also quite sly and fast in the wild, which means that one has to act this way to try to understand new teachings in the universe.


A list of symbolic traits of the wolf…

  • Brilliance: this is the wolf’s ability to communicate with other species.
  • Loss: the wolf is connected to feeling loss within a relationship.
  • The wolf is sly and intelligent: are these traits that you require?
  • Friendly with its companions.
  • Articulate-Sound, movements, a certain look in the eye, the wolf makes sure that you can understand him.
  • Strong sense of loyalty.
  • Benevolence.
  • Tender-hearted.


Only a few individuals are granted this animal totem. Thus, they must understand the true meaning of the totem wolf, We have to possess a deep faith and philosophical understanding to be able to comprehend the true heart of this valiant champion. In Rome, an ancient sculpture representing a wolf nurturing two children was found dating back to the 5th century BC. Remus and Romulus, the twin brothers are the primary characters of Roman Mythology.

The wolf is also known as a sign of victory, As Odin and the Valkyries ride a wolf during a battle.  Odin is also accompanied by two wolves named Geri and Freki. Incidentally, Odin was also killed by a wolf, Fenrir-the son of Loki, during the ragnarok battle.

Asia's conqueror and champion Genghis Khan was often described as the Gray Wolf (Blue Wolf in some text’s), furthermore they also believe that a wolf serves as a guardian for the Middle realm.

An appearance of a wolf may remind us to assess our preference in life.  This can mean one must focus on education, career, family and friends. These factors will greatly affect us. Be loyal to those who are loyal to you. The wolves are often mis-conceptualized for its traits, but if you take a deeper look and examine this creature, meeting them in the spirit realm you will find that the wolf will help you seek more wisdom. You will be spiritually protected at all times.

Wolf shows up as a spirit guide when…


  • You need to have wisdom.
  • You need protection and shadow work.
  • You need guidance in your dreams.
  • You have instincts linked with intelligence.
  • You need to require teaching.
  • Protection work is required.


Call on Wolf as a spirit guide when…


  • You need to be successful.
  • You need guardianship.
  • You need to be independent.
  • You need to be stable and thoughtful.
  • You need to be persevering.

By Flo Saul
Mar 3, 2013