Willie Wagtail

Willie Wagtail

It is believed that having a Willie (or Willy) wagtail as your animal totem brings you to live with the feeling of excitement and gregariousness.

In Australia, this bird is considered as the largest among the breed of fantails. It is known for its preying strategy using its “fantail” to disturb grasses where insect thrives which they will later catch and eat.

Willie Wagtails are considered territorial. They are very aggressive and noisy when defending their nest sites and territory.

However, they are also considered to be friendly and can be tamed since they are tolerant of human activity for their common habitat is in urban areas.

It is immediately recognizable when they are in defense of their territory, they will be heard chattering noisily but the fluting call is sweet to listen to.

Seeing a Willie Wagtail is a reminder to stay cheerful. It is a healthy practice to make ourselves feel light and happy. Being cheerful and gregarious to others will earn us the same treatment which in turn makes our lives happy and call it - worth living.

This is the gift of Willie Wagtail. Bring cheerfulness to others, make them happy and feel the same as they smile back at you as if a form of sending their gratitude for magnifying that happy feeling. Share this gift to others.

This characteristic of the fantail reminds us of being kind hearted despite of feeling down or unhappy. Our gestures and words can greatly affect others. It is better to have a heart for making other people happy and this can be communicated through our kin interaction with others.

This teaches us to be able to keep up with our positive energy even if the situation is opposite. The Willie Wagtail will remind us to continue hold on to hope, remain gregarious and stable even if under pressure.

If you are a person that is easily affected by negative situations, try adapting the gift of Willie Wagtail. Socialize with others either with friends, acquaintances or your loved ones that you could have neglected for some time. Extroversion will help you to ease out the negativity.

Willie Wagtail is also known for not being reserved, they can be semi-tamed and could live through human activity in rural areas. This character will remind us to know more of the world around us.

To have a Willie Wagtail totem tells you that there may be more friendships that will enter your life.

Openness can give you array of choices from which you may socialize and form collective experiences which can enrich your personality.

Taking the territorial trait of the Willie Wagtail, it says that you have high regard that your space will be respected.

You like to observe having a space of your own and maintain it by yourself according to what pleases you.

Do you like Willie Wagtail? If not, then you see this “fantail” for real or in dream, maybe it is sending you a message not to hate extroversion. Reconsider the feeling of people who likes to smile to others.

Smile back. Who knows, despite of that beautiful smile these people may also have problems of their own but they chose not to show it. So, smile and you helped them feel positively.

Words that can be associated with Willie Wagtail – territorial, curious, friendly, extrovert, cheerful, gregarious, open and sociable, appealing and demands respect for their own space.

Willie Wagtail shows up as a spirit guide when

You need help with considering others

  • You feel you have lost all hope.
  • You are feeling alone.
  • You are in need of cheer.

Call on a Willie Wagtail as a spirit guide when

  • You a social meeting is to take place.
  • You are being territorial for a good cause or not.
  • To surround yourself with uplifting thoughts of peace.
  • You need to be aggressive to protect what is yours.

By Flo Saul
Jan 30, 2013