The wildebeest/gnu is a hoofed mammal.

There are two kinds of wildebeest species known to man, the black wildebeest and the blue wildebeest.

The blue wildebeest is a lot like its ancestor species, while the black wildebeest went to extensive changes to adapt to its current environment. It can grow from 1.27 m.-1.47 m. and weighs at around 265-600 lbs.

Ancient Dutch called them wildebeest because of their behavior when they were disturbed.  Ironically despite its behavior, wildebeest tends to take a flight whenever it went face to face with its enemy.

In ancient Greece, It was believed that this creature was a mutation of boar and a buffalo; they think that it was a curse for this creature to forever look down.

 But Pliny the Elder thinks differently, he suggests that the feature of this animal is a way to adapt to its surroundings.  They consider that a gaze of this animal can turn you into a stone; thanks to its heavy head we won’t be worrying too much about its eyes.

Another Roman historian, Claudius, thinks otherwise but describes this animal for its devastating breath.

On today’s pop culture a group of wildebeest appeared at the opening of the popular Disney animated movie, the Lion King.

 An animal stampede consisting of a multitude numbers of wildebeest emerge as they try to migrate to the south.  This is based on a true story since wildebeest migrates yearly to search for a dry land.  

They are known for their long distance migration, going miles and miles just to escape the rainy season.

When we see a wildebeest it is a sign that we should strengthen our family bonds, a family should act like a family and stick together. The wildebeest knowledge to show courage when it is disturbed and its capability to flee in front of the predator is commendable.

It is also reminding us to show bravery in face of a danger but at the same time know when to escape when you feel like you are being overpowered. Know when to fight a real fight and walk away if you think that it’s just a waste of energy.

This creature also reminds us that we can change everything that we are supposed to be, we are the one holding our destiny, and it’s up to us if we want to change that.

 When this creature appeared to us, he wants us to learn the ability to use our body language to communicate; it means that there is no excuse not to express our emotion.

Wildebeest migrates every rainy season, crossing rivers and lakes, some of them are being eaten by crocodiles and some of them will die of drowning.

 Its tenacity to endure a long distance of travel just to survive symbolizes that human must also be prepared to endure the long journeys of life and the peril that one might encounter just to survive.

 And you don’t have to do it alone; wildebeest always migrates in numbers, telling us that you don’t need to bear everything on your own.  Life is more fun with friends and families around.

Wildebeest shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need a strong family tie.
  • You must travel a great distance.
  • You are feeling alone.
  • You are in need of change.

Call on a Wildebeest as a spirit guide when

  • You are facing a great decision about moving.
  • You are needing the strength of family and groups of people.
  • Tasks seem overwhelming and too large.
  • You need to be seen  not just heard.

By Flo Saul
Jan 30, 2013