Wild Dog Spiritual Meaning

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Wild Dog

Wild Dog

Wild Dog is the world’s 2nd biggest wild canid; it weighs at around 18-36 kg and measure at around 42-74 in. (including its tail).

There is a little difference between the male and the female species particularly on their skull region. 

Males basically possess a larger skeletal frame than those of the females. The bite of this creature is deadlier than a bite of the famous Tasmanian devil. It can be said that their bite is bigger than their bark. They often do not give ample warning before attacking.

Because of this, the wild dog is often associated with being over possessive and too aggressive. Sometimes the wild dog is a symbol of being too overbearing.

If you are represented as the wild dog, then sometimes you can see yourself in the shadow of the spirit animal and you may want to take stock in your own behavior.

If you are being too possessive this is likely to not work well for you in the end. Wild dogs often to be put down and it is a symbol that you may be headed into trouble based on your actions.

If the wild dog is protecting you it could be a sign that someone is being too possessive over you and you are in need of protection.

In Ancient Australia, indigenous tribes were keeping this creature to keep demon from entering their camp.  These creatures were believed to have the ability to see on the underworld, but at the same time they also think that the creature cannot be trusted. 

This is because of the legend about the two wild dogs who took the prize for themselves resulting in a punishment.

In Latin America these animals are said to be a guide to the afterlife.  They said that this creature will lead the souls to a large body of water; people who mistreated them will be guided in the wrong way and will be forever lost outside the afterlife.

It was also believed that the wild dog introduced fire to the Mayans.  The Aztec’s lightning and fire God was a big human depicted in an image of a dog.

The wild dog can represent symbolism that you are giving away too much and not keeping anything for yourself.  You are always prioritizing your friends more than yourself and your family. 

Know your priorities; you must realize that at the end of the day you will always go back to your family.  Analyze this: Will they still be your friends if a day will come when you have nothing else to give?

Wild dogs want to teach us to have a plan ahead, whether it’s a large family celebration or a plan for the future, it is always better to have a concrete and decent plan that will guide you on your way.  This will make things more perfect and a lot easier.

Moreover, this creature is telling us to punish the wrongdoings of someone, not necessarily to take revenge but it’s enough to make them realize that they made a mistake and they hurt you.  Ignoring things and letting misunderstandings passed by can cause a greater harm in the future.

This creature is also a constant reminder that we can always heal or improve our family relationship, patch things up and clear any misunderstanding to further strengthen the family bonds.

Notice about the similarities between male and female wild dogs?  It means that we also have to look at each other the same way we love our self.  Beauty of a person is beyond sexual preference or the race and culture. 

Do not judge someone based on his looks or social standings; the importance of someone is much deeper than that.  Remember that the ruler you use to measure the worth of a man will also be used to measure your worth.  

Wild dog shows up as a spirit guide when...

  • You are judging other people harshly.
  • You are not being true to yourself.
  • You need creative outlets to let go of deep emotion.
  • You are pent up with anger or rage.
  • You can’t get over the past.
  • You are not seeing people for who they really are.
  • You need strong protection in your life.

Call on a Wild dog as a spirit guide when...

  • You need to be strong or protective.
  • You have to stand up to others.
  • You have to challenge another.

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