We are not on our own in this world.Spirits are here to both help us and also attack us.

Studying the occult requires a certain level of understanding. In occult lore you have to remember two things:

a. You control the elemental - what happens on this earth.
b. You co-operate while using spiritual connection.

Many of us are intended for various things in life.

Throughout time, I have spent many years reading about the occult as well as practising different elements, mostly tarot cards, it is apparent in my experience that a portion of my future,  involves helping people learn more about magick - as well as attack and character obsession.

Many people study in groups. On occasion there are people that study to seek the truth and they are vulnerable, reading material on the internet and not understanding the whole picture.

The term occult means "secret". By secret, we don't imply that the particular area of study taken are certainly not available more often than not, along with past their party.

Rather, the values and also practices are solution within the person.

The occult, especially wicca is associated with honouring different angels, gods and goddesses by carrying out spells. Wicca is focused on nature. Many people who choose wicca as a magical system most of the time join a coven.

Therefore, this type of magic is generally in groups. We can determine within tradition that many magical systems use rituals and spells. Wicca is often seen as rather flexible and many people who go down this road and use tools to help them conduct the magic as per required.

Admission to the inner court only happens generally after some initiation. This happens when one reaches the end of study.

The student is normally then in essence "promoted" into the inner court. In the middle is the high prestices. Once a student has undertaken the initial training and rituals they spend another year (after the first year in the outer court) to learn and progress skills that are more complex.

Most wiccans have a number of tools that make their rituals focused and successful.

For example, they have wands, chalices and tarot cards. The difficulty comes however when the practice of the wiccan is dependent upon magick, in that the student of such a system becomes dependent upon the tools rather than his or her intuition.

Wiccans structure themselves within a coven.Most traditional covens are set up with a number of memberships. The outer court and inner. These two systems are different and dependent upon ones study of the occult. Most people begin with training in the outer circle of a new coven.

This is due to a number of reasons, mostly the fact that the wiccan needs to be able to learn and grow.There is a teaching process where students are asked to look at nature, gain a totem or spirit guide.

Being in the outer circle normally consists of just a year. It gives the student time to get to know the other members of the coven.

Suggested​ reading material

I would recommend starting out with the golden dawn books. Also check out the books on this site to understand how magic can help you.

By Flo Saul
May 25, 2013