White - Colour Therapy

White colour therapy

White is actually not a color, it is a tone, which occurs when three primary colors are brought together, or when all the colors of the visible spectrum are put together.

Just like black, white has been the absence of color, rather than its presence. White symbolizes purity, cleanliness, harmony, virginity, simplicity, truth, freshness and neutrality.

White affects us in the following ways: it increases mental clarity, it purifies our thoughts, and our actions too.

Natural white light raises the tones of our internal organs, producing electric currents favorable to all the necessary bodily functions. Maybe all of these put together explain why doctors and medicines all imply white.

This is why color healing therapy uses white in the treatment of some patients that suffer from a series of diseases, such as: the common flu, depressions, anxiety problems and hepatic problems.

Because it represents purity in so many cultures, white was a subject many philosophers approached and debated, many expressed their opinion on it, and many had carefully chosen words that remained in history.

Such are the words of Leonardo DA Vinci, who praised white for its purity.         

There are also some white gemstones that are destined to bring good luck to their owners, and protect them after dark. Such stones are: the crystal quartz, the white topaz, the white selenite and the opalite. Although white has so many positive effects, there are some people who have an aversion to white.

Such a person does not seek perfection and accepts that humans are, by nature, imperfect. They tend to believe more in the tangible things than in the intangible.

A lot of facts can be written about white: it is the traditional color for brides in Japan and also in the Western tradition, but in China and in some parts of Africa, it is the mourning color.

In China, white is associated with metal, west (direction) and autumn. In Christianity white represents purity, and in the Bible, it is an emblem of the divine. In some parts of the world, people would make sure they have something white to wear before going to bed, because it would help them have nicer dreams.

A white flag is a signal for peace. Actually, white is used in idioms because of it being a symbol of purity. So, if a person tells a lie that doesn’t have a consequence, it is called a “white lie”. White is used for interior designs, when people have small houses and want to make them seem larger, or maybe simply because they want to have a bright interior.

So, to resume, because its great effects on people, white is used in a lot of treat.ments of various diseases, and it is widely known for being a symbol of purity.

In magic white is seen as protection. African American women regard the color as pure. Black magic is designed to hurt people and also lead others to misfortune.

White magic is recognized as good magic which is accustomed to recover someone from negative magic. 

By Flo Saul
Feb 12, 2013