White Candle Spells

White Candle Spells

In this article we will look at white candle spells. White candles are associated with peace in life.

Here are a collection of spells associated with white candles. White is normally used when one wants to clean out the old and make way for change, which is association with protection. So where does this all come from? Looking back the gods are generally white and devil’s red or black. Thus, white has been considered as a pure color. White is pure, peaceful and has great energy. The lotus flower is innocent and this is white. Thus, in Buddhism white is known as pure. The white colors can be associated with positivity in life. White candles are generally used to protect or provide peace in life. It can however, be used in most candle spells. If you do not have a spell of color then make sure you get a white candle.

Invisibility Spell

This is a spell designed to make you unseen to others. Unfortunately it doesn’t make you truly invisible… only that you will not be noticed when you don’t want to be!

What you need:

  • A white sheet
  • A white candle
  • Light the candle, well away from the sheet as we don’t want to start a fire! Once you light it chant:
  • “Light the way for me to see but be unseen by others. I sneak and walk a silent dance away from prying eyes that and let me be!”
  • Cover yourself with the white sheet and watch the candle light filtered through the cloth. Continue this chant until the candle goes out and then go about your stealthy business.

Here are some more spells:

Stalker Spell

This spell is designed to protect you from as stalker and to help get “off their radar”. This spell is similar to the invisibility spell but it allows for healing and safety for the person as well. This spell can be done for yourself or for another person that you are worried about.

What you need:

  • 1 White Candle – size is non-important. For a long-term problem you may want a 7 day candle.
  • Cypress Essential Oil
  • 1 Sage bushel
  • A picture of the person you are intending to  protect (unless the person is you – then you don’t need a picture because you’re already there!)

First, light the sage bushel and smudge the picture of the person or smudge yourself.  Smudging simple means that you allow the picture to be engulfed in the thick sage smoke but if you are doing this to yourself then waft the smoke around your body.

Concentrate hard on the smoke obscuring the body of the person being protected from the stalkers sight. Imagine this person hiding in the smoke or turning into the smoke and simply vanishing from the person and being safe.

Sage is a protective aid and will help to protect the person from the other that is trying to cause harm.

Next, drop 3 drops of the cypress oil onto the candle and rub it around the candle while saying:

“I charge this candle as a protective fire to hide (name) from the eyes of (name) and to protect them. Let his fire burn anyone who tries to harm (name) and act as a force to hold any evil at bay. Harm none in the way. Keep all safe and separate.”

This is a very personal spell and it is okay to add more to the chant including specifics of what you want. Be sure to add the harm none part as any spell can have repercussions if you are not careful!

Now light the candle and let it burn for at least 20 minutes. Depending on the size of the candle you can let it burn for as long as you like. You can also choose to light the candle repeatedly for many nights in a row until the threat has passed.

When the candle is lit continue to see the person that you desire to be protected and out of view and reach of the stalkers sight.

Peace Spell

Everyone could use a bit of peace in their life and this is just the spell for it.

What you need:

  • A large white candle – taper, preferably beeswax.
  • Altar.

Light the candle and say:

“I light this candle for peace (in the home, in your life, whatever is your desire) and ask this flame to light the way. Spirits run high and touch the sky and I look forward to a brand new day. Joy and solace to bring me down and gather my loved ones all around. Hear my will and hearken now and all will feel peaceful now!”

By Florance Saul
Nov 13, 2012