What is Technomancy in magic


What is Technomancy in magic?

The term Technomancy is a branch of magic that is is associated with using technology as a medium. The technology for example a computer, tablet or the phone which is connected can be used as part of this magic. After all, magic is associated with not only the intent but also the development of situations connected to technology.

When I first read about technomancy I did not understand what it is all about, it was somewhat confusing. The problem with this branch of magic is that technology is modern and most magical books are from the 1920’s. In most ancient magic books technomancy is not covered.

Sigils are widely used in this branch of magic. For example the creation of sigils on your own computer or manipulating technology through magical practices. For example we have lot’s of tarot readings that is automated on this site, and it is basically using the technology as a medium to uncover our own destiny or reading.

So, basically using tarot programs or rune stone programs rather than the old fashioned way of divination - is known as technomancy. Another term for this name is basically looking at what an image does mean.

Many people believe that technomancy  is the magic of modern world. This can be broken down into two main branches:

a) Manipulating technology as a route to magic e.g. speeding up your computer.

b) Spirits in one’s machine and communicating with these spirits.

It can be significantly effective in ensuring that something is useful and magical development can use technology  as a tool for spiritual work. There is a relationship between cyberspace and Magic. Technology after all is how we create and bend the rules of what we want from life. If we think of our computers and technology in the literal sense we to can be computers in that our own brain cells  act very much like a computer.

Technology has some degree harnessed the spiritual movement and has allowed us to connect with others. Rituals can be conducted over the Internet and also virtual shrines especially from a spiritual or a catholic perspective.

The technology that we have seen over the years has ensured that we are not restricted in our beliefs, is enabled us to learn more and experience everything in our imaginations.  There has been many accounts the rituals have been carried out in virtual chat rooms and also allows us to open up our own interpretation of dreams and sharing of spiritual visions. It is clear that there is many different undercurrents and branches of technomancy.  

But where does this leave us in the future?

In my opinion we are now developing and emerging in order to make the right decisions magically. The technology itself should be used as a pathway in order to increase our own knowledge. Generally, in order to carry out magic one would invoke a god or goddess of the divine world.

Technology has enabled us to reach further and embrace whatever change is coming. For in future terms we might not only engage with traditional magic but also technomancy,  and this could become a modern magical tradition.

By Flo Saul
Oct 16, 2017