What is a sigil?

What is a sigil?

What is a sigil?  Who uses them? How can it help one in spell work and magick? All important questions but we should start with a definition.

The word Sigil comes from the Latin word "sigillum" meaning seal. We are not talking of a seal found on plumbing pipes - more in tune with a seal the president or king would attach to a document in wax.

This is used so one knows where the document originates from. Magickally this is known as a signature of the entity or an idea that we are attempting to manifest.

Many religions use a pictorial key to access the type of emotion's of people. Many Christians see the cross as a sign of God.

A sigil is a tool for manifesting an idea or attempting to control forces far beyond human comprehensions.

Many medieval Magi used a sigil to summon and control angels and demons. Many of those sigils are stored in grimoires such as the “Lesser Key of Solomon.” Chaos Magicians have created a new way to create sigils.

They write what they want and then work the letters together to form a symbol, which has also been taken on by many other pagan and witchcraft traditions as the standardized way of creating sigils today. Other Orders and Covens have passed Sigils from one generation to the next.

Even newer books such as the “Necronomicon” use sigils. Consider them a certain kind of magical creation that has the desire of the creator held within a secret alphabet. 

Those that work or scry with the Sigil and try to connect with the forces it represents or use it in practical magic or spell work. Sigils are all created through magic and religion from the Ceremonial magician to the Hoodoo practitioner, which goes to further prove how commonplace they are.

Common or not, they are an important aspect of magical working and a cornerstone to spellcraft as they are easy to create (once you get the hang of it) and are as powerful as the energy that is put into them. Furthermore, they can be magically charged for greater results. 

This magick has great scope because it can be used for simple spells or aid in elevating you beyond your karma.

A Sigil is a compressed idea that needs to be filled with emotion and energy, or the name of some cosmic power.  Those who have the skill for this type of magic needs to take great care in working with others, because Sigils are more than just a symbol but the authority to create. 

It transmits a specific message that projects in and through the magus or witch. This is a tool that starts with your Words and end’s with your Will.

They are used to evoke angels, demons, planetary energy and ancient gods in hopes to control them or gain their help.

There is much more emotional and psychological contact with raw forces, so these ritual’s practiced with care very much like handling fire or toxic waste.

Thus, be prepared that something could go wrong and do not undertake complex sigil work making unless you really are sure that you know what you are doing.

By Flo Saul
Nov 22, 2012